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Do you pronounce the words "full" and "fool" the same way?

Asked by ubersiren (15160points) May 29th, 2009

Because I don’t, but my hillbilly ass friends do. They tell me that it’s correct to pronounce them the same and it’s just a matter of dialect… we all grew up in the same town, but I’ve never pronounced them alike – rhyming with “tool.” So, is it just a certain dialect or are they just some dumb hicks like I think they are?

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No. Not on the left coast, we don’t.

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Not at all. How many syllables in their pronunciation?

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No, but I do pronounce the words stove and chupacabra the same.

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No, I do not pronounce them the same way and I don’t say “foll” either for “full”. According to the dictionary, “full” and “fool” are pronounced differently; it offers no alternate pronunciations for the words.

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full = rhymes with bull as in bullshit
fool = rhymes with tool as in tool time

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@Blondesjon, do they both rhyme with “milkshake”?

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@Blondesjon – Heheheh
@ubersiren – No I think it’s just your “hicks” :)

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@Jerubano. i prefer the more archaic pronunciation that rhymes with fullashit.

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I pronounce them exactly like mcbealer.

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I knew it! Those retards… And I agree with you, @mcbealer : I gave many examples similar to that, but they insist that bull also rhymes with fool and tool. Idiots!

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No. I hate that. They’re two different words…..I really hate it lol

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I was afraid of that, @ubersiren.

Do they distinguish between “pull” and “pool”?

And are they saying what sounds like “foo-well” rather than a single syllable?

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone pronounce “full” that way.

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@Ivan…Don’t be fullish. All the kids are doing it.

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i have to agree with mcbealer
that was hilarious
the first answer
stove and chupacabra
i’m still trying to figure out how you do that

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@cyndihugs Blondesjon and AstroChuck both amaze me sometimes. I will never know how they think this stuff up, but I’m extremely glad they do. :D

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they do always amaze me too :))
so does
Darwin and
along with others…

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“Those Fullish Things Remind me of You”
“Foolsome Prison”
“Murder Most Fowl”
“Curses, fooled again.”
“Come. foolo, foolo, foolo, foolo, foolo foolo me.”
“The Most Happy Fulla”
“The Rockford Foals”
“What Kind of Full am I”

(And none of these are exactly pronounced like “McBealer”....yet.)

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@gailcalled . . .Olet ihanan fiksu nainen. Hyvin tehty.

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what language are you speaking
if i may know?

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is it finnish?

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@cyndihugs – I think it’s german

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And from Finnian’s Rainbow:
McBealer the McBealer who Mcbealers Your Dreams

@Blondesjon: ...Seuraa minua, sinun typerää poika.

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so it is finnish?

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The little dots over the ä give it away. It is *F*innish, indeed.

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German: Folgen Sie mir, Sie dumm Jungen.

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@gailcalled Do you speak Finnish?

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@oratio: I owe it all to Blondesjon.

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You are a wonderful smart woman. Well done.

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@gailcalled Ah, too bad. Though there are a bunch of languages in Europe who has the ä and ö. Only scandinavians who use å though I think.

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@cyndihugs: Kiitos paljon. Eivät ole sinulle nopeasti tutkimuksen?

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sinä olet tervetullut!

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I do not, but I know many people who do. @Jeruba The people I know only use one syllable, but it it sounds like their tongues are too big for their mouths. Actually, it sounds like one incomplete syllable. That particular accent sounds very lazy. (I am not saying the people are lazy.)

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i can speak french and understand russian
apparently some finnish too

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Hell to the naw.

Your friends are ridiculous.

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@gailcalled . . .Typerä poika viite on menettänyt minua. Ellei vaadimme asioista niiden oikeilla nimillä.

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—@Blondesjon: You’ll have to translate both the Finnish and the English for me.Too much frilling around, I think.

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@asmonet: So, translate “Hell to the naw” for me, please.

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There are also “ghoul” and “gull” (and “Gail”):
Cool and cull:
Duel and dull:
Mule and mull:
Pule and pull:
Tool and till:
Wool and will:

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love these ADD answers here, people lol : – )

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Wull, who can resist a challenge?

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I’m afraid if I heard them talking about the ‘bool’ in the field, I’d be laughing in their faces.

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Uh, isn’t it Folsom prison? like “full-some” that’s different than full and fool.

No. I’ve never heard of that. I would tell them they’re stupid.

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Now, @gailcalled, if you are going to put “duel” on the list, you have to go back and put “fuel” into the original equation. Different sound, of course, from both “full” and “fool.”

@gymnastchick729, mightn’t you mean OCD? I think that’s more like us. No attention deficit here. On the contrary, we’re like the Little Prince: once we get hold of a question, we can’t seem to let go.

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no i do mean ADD, people are going off and speaking Finnish… a little attention/on topic problem there… i know what ADD is.

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@casheroo : I do tell them they’re stupid. But there are more of them than there are me. Might makes right. There’s no convincing them.

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@gymnastchick729 . . .Kuka kännissä teidän vilja?

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@Jeruba : I missed your questions and they were good ones. I think they pronounce “pull” and “pool” the same, too, but I’d have to ask them to be sure. And, they say them as all one syllable. Both words sound like “I pity the fool.” Imagine Mr. T saying “fool” and that’s pretty much it. Almost without the L at the end.

It’s the Cumberland Maryland accent. It’s similar to the Baltimore/Dundalk accent. Only hickier.

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@Blondesjon: I am, finally, speechless from laughing.

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@Jeruba; Interesting that “duel” and “fuel” are pronounced slightly differently due to initial consonant. There are probably names for that, but I’m too tired to look.

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I feel a Gallagher bit coming on.

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@gailcalled, I bet the Brits say them more alike.

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@ubersiren: A fricative and a plosive on both your houses.

@Jeruba; Yuel be hearing more from me tomorrow.

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@gymnastchick729, you oughta see us when we really go off topic. A little side trip into Finnish didn’t even strike me as a digression. OCD, though…I know I can’t possibly be the only one.

@gailcalled, none of your assonance, please.

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@Jeruba: Bored? Check this out, speaking of OCD.

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This is right up there with the PEN/PIN distintion and TEN/TIN distinction. I pronounce all of them differently.

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I only pronounce fool and full the same when singing along to George Strait.

And as every Texan knows, pen and pin sound exactly alike, which is why you have to qualify them:

“Hand me that there ink pin.”

“Do any of y’all have a straight pin?”

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@darwin The challenge for me is that my mom IS a Texan which is why I have learned to pronounce them differently! LOL I sure know about the ink and straight distinctions for “pins!”

My great grandaddy’s ranch was the bar 10 (because he was a tin smith in Texas). I know exactly what you mean . . .

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Yeah, my dad was from a small town in West Virginia and would say “iggle” for “eagle” and “warsh” for “wash.” We used to tease him about English being a second language for him and we did finally train him to speak “properly”, but, he also had a Ph.D. in Chemistry and was a very good scientist and had a brilliant problem solving mind, so he wasn’t your run of the mill dumbass hillbilly. People are too quick to judge others by the way they speak, in terms of accents and dialects, I think.

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@gailcalled, that’s lovely, thank you. (I have seen diagrams like this in my inguistics textbooks.) Does this have to do with OCD, or were you just suggesting that I might compulsively want to run through all the terms and try to work them into sentences? I am fighting the urge.

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Ahem, back to the question at hand…

No. I know quite a few who do, though, as I currently live in West Virginia. Also, ‘awwwl’ for ‘oil’. It really stresses me out. It’s the OCD.

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Dumb hicks. I’m surrounded by them too. * sigh *

“Y’all got swate tae?”
“Nope, just regular tea. But there’s sugar on the table.”
“Just brang me a Dr. Pepper.”
Really? REALLY?!

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It isn’t awwwwl. It’s ohl, as in “the ohl bidness.”

And be careful – some of them hicks ‘re much smarter than they look. One of ‘em even wuz in the What House fer 8 yars.

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i’m a hick. :(

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Kuka kännissä teidän vilja
that was hilarious
OCD people,

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The full-fool merger is a feature of some NA dialects

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@morphail : Great map! I didn’t know such a thing existed. Very cool.

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i pronounce full with shorter emphasis on the U.

while the fool, i pronounce the ool longer, with a longer U.

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i think that when I’m actually concentrating on what I’m saying, I will differentiate between the ooo and uhh sound. However, just talking with friends, I just blow right by the pronunciation and don’t bother correcting myself.

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Hi. I am on of those Cumberland hicks that Ubersiren is referring to. (omg ended in a prep.) I’m 28 years old, and this is how I’ve always pronounced these words. No one has ever corrected me (in school or otherwise) until Ubersiren a few weeks ago.

ghoul= cool= duel*= dual= school= tool= wool= pool= pull= fool= full= bull= bool(ean)

mule= duel*

cull= dull= mull= (sea)gull= skull

I pronounce all of these words as a single syllable with a definite “l” sound at the end.

Correct me if you can :-)

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Ack! My head is gonna’ asplode!

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@JoshWayne : Of course nobody has corrected you- everyone where you live says it the same way! That’s just not normal. :o) You definitely pronounce the “l” but Will just barely does. It’s very soft.

Correct you if I can? I don’t think anyone can correct anyone as there is no single correct answer but rather a matter of dialect, but to quote @Dansedescygnes According to the dictionary, “full” and “fool” are pronounced differently; it offers no alternate pronunciations for the words.

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Full rhymes with bull.

Fool rhymes with jewel.

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filled and fooled a full pool of fools…
I dunno, it sounds the same too me, but i think in the southern hemisphere we dont tend to drawl over vowels

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It’s dialect-related.

to the OP ( @ubersiren ): Have you ever considered that the reason you pronounce it differently is because you don’t identify with these “dumb hicks”, and want to differentiate yourself from them?

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No, I do not.

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Gobble the whop in the mor’psel yacket?

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@the100thmonkey Not at all. They are, like Snapple, made with the best stuff on Earth. They are my very best friends and I was joking when calling them “dumb hicks.” In most ways, they are entirely more intelligent and savvy than I. They know all this.

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Still don’t.

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