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What factors can delay a woman's cycle?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16558points) May 29th, 2009
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Almost anything.

Stress, major and minor health issues, etc.

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Stress can keep you from ovulating which will effect your cycle. Birth control pills can mess with your cycle as well.

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Depends on the woman. For some, anything can change it—stress, diet, exercise, sleep changes, intercourse, caffeine intake, drug use, getting out of bed on the wrong side…

And some women you can set your watch by.

(We’re complicated.)

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lurve for complications.

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Sharing your living space with other women may also mess with your cycle. (Most often seen in dormitories!)

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Why has no one said “pregnancy”? Too obvious? ;)

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Stress, weight changes, medications, pretty much what’s been written above, I can vouch for. If you want to trigger a cycle then just plan to do something wonderful on any of the following:
Planned romantic weekend getaway

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In addition to the above… being very underweight (or just very low body fat, like extreme athletes) or very overweight.

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Thank you all. These things can be a bit difficult for we blokes to understand at times.

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also pregnancy, a drugstore urine strip test is pretty cheap and quick

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Thanks @hungryhungryhortence and @DrasticDreamer, but without wanting to give away any details, its not a possibility.

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@hungryhungryhortence : You can get 3 for 9.99 at Target. I’m a pretty big slut, so…

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Weight loss… really? No wonder I’ve been off

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Some women just have irregular cycles.

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I need an answer to this question please: Why do women get their period?

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@Tink1113: Can you be more specific? Are you asking why women have cyclical fertility, why blood and tissue loss loss this, or something else?

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Yeah why do we have cyclical fertility

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Anything. Just thinking “huh, I hope I didn’t get knocked up last night” can make my period go into hiding, leading to stress, which makes it delayed. The stress leads to weight gain or loss, which makes it delayed…
@nikipedia gave a great answer.

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Small, noisy, demanding ones that smell bad at both ends.

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oh shit
i was going to say pregnancy
what about anorexia?

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