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My friend needs a change in his life what should he do?

Asked by missjena (910points) May 29th, 2009 from iPhone

He needs this change bc he’s an alcoholic and wants to become something in his life. He wants to join the army ; however, his family doesn’t know if they want him too. He’s smart but isn’t interested in school. He needs a trade or career. Maybe online courses?anything cheap or something positive he can do to get away but not for 2 years like the army.

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AA First. After he is sober chances are he will find the motivation to again be the commander of his own destiny.

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^So very, very agreed.

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Sobriety, Peace Corps (2yr commitment but not as potentially dangerous as the armed services), his local Habitat For Humanity, community college orientations.

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Well, I thought about the Army, and my dad said “Son, are you F-ing high?”. I thought, well, there’s a first for everything, so I took my old man’s advice. Three sad semesters, it was only 15k; I dropped about a joined a band instead. Grew a mustache, got a job at Chik-fil-a. Now, I nuke Grandma’s apple pie in shame.

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i don’t know where anyone got the idea the army is 2 years. “Everyone who enters the all-volunteer military incurs a total service obligation of eight years, a portion of which is spent on active duty. For the remainder of this time, the enlistee can be called back into uniform at the government’s discretion under a program called stop-loss.

Even during this time of war, only about 10% of the total military force is actually in a combat situation. The rest are in support positions all over the world.

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@Dog is correct. And I really like @hungryhungryhortence‘s suggestion.

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