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What usually bumps up your road rage?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) May 29th, 2009

Slow drivers, stupid drivers, slow turn drivers, etc…

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(speaking of stupid drivers, that is “etc.”)

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haha oops

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Running out of ammo

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Every day I pull out of the same parking lot at school. It’s on a road that’s very busy, so it’s very important that I know which cars are turning into the parking lot and which are driving past. People simply refuse to use their turn signals. I end up waiting around for 10 minutes trying to pull out of the lot because no one lets me know that they are turning and therefore I can pull out ahead of them.

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When somebody is going slow, then when I go to pass, they speed up; or conversely, when somebody passes, then gets in front of me and slows down.

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illegal left turns
changing lanes in the middle of an intersection
unnecessary breaking

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I don’t drive yet but what does bother me alot is when people don’t put the turn lights on when they are gonna switch lanes

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Where I drive, it’s takes most of my attention to be a defensive driver rather than turn into an offensive one, no time for road rage.

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- Merging onto the freeway from the on ramp and the persons to your left (on the freeway already) will not be courteous and switch lanes to let you enter the freeway
– Those that do not use their turn signals
– Tailgaters
– People who drive while talking on a cell phone
– People who drive slowly in the fast lane or H.O.V. lane and hold up other motorists
– People driving at night and forgetting to turn on their headlights (I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen this)
– Driver’s who signal for a turn, slow down to make the turn, then change their mind at the last second and continue on
– Those who drive around at night with their high beam headlights constantly on

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@tinyfaery. High Occupancy Vehicles (2 or more passengers). That’s what they call the carpool lanes and fast lanes here in Phoenix.

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People that flash their lights behind you because they want you to go faster or get over. When has that ever worked?

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When people tailgate. Also what @hearkat said. That would be the one that my mom hates the most and she’s pointing it out…lol

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People who drive over the freakin double yellow line. I can’t handle it. Esp. if it’s into the carpool lane.

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People attempting to merge on to the freeway by coming to a complete stop.
People who fly right up and ride my ass for half a second, swoop over and fly past me flashing a dirty look because I wasn’t going fast enough for them.
People who don’t know what to do at a 4-way stop.

Don’t get me started in mid-western drivers! I am now convinced that every time I heard of a freeway shooting when I lived in LA, it must have involved someone visiting from The Cornfield.

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I don’t get rage, but folks chaating on the phone instead of driving properly annoys me.

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Arggg for me it is folks who I let into the lane and who don’t wave any sort of acknowledgement that they inconvenienced me, but what do I know, I drive in the Cornfield . . .

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No turn signals. I dont know why but i can be completely calm and then all of a sudden im yelling obscenities at the top of my lungs lol

Thats about as far as my rage goes. Its nice i scream in my car and get it out and thats it. Its like therapy :P

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@Kayak8 the lack of a “thank you” wave bugs the crap out of me too!

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I agree with all of these, except for the crack about Midwestern drivers. The Midwest is the only place in the country where people will wave to you in a friendly manner, just because they are friendly.

The one that makes me nuts is when someone is turning left and someone in the oncoming lane decides to be ‘nice’ and stops to let them turn in front of him. THIS IS ILLEGAL! A cop will give you a ticket for this, because you are creating a hazard by stopping the traffic flow. If the moron can’t figure out how to make a left turn, he should take the bus.

which reminds me of the old driving joke: two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do.

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Tailgaters, people who try to undertake to pass through narrow gaps for no good reason, and speed traps. Oh, and police ads saying “click it or ticket”.

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People who make me spill my beer, drop my food, lose my place in the book I’m reading, or can’t respect the fact that I’m trying to carry on a conversation while texting my bff.

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People who use fog lights when its not foggy, people who drive slowly in the fast lane, people who slow to a crawl before they will turn off, people who change lanes without indicating, people who pull out in front of you far too late. The list goes on. Unfortunately, here in Australia our driving education programs are rubbish. They try to tell us that speed kills, while the truth is that poorly trained drivers kill themselves and others when they are faced with a situation they cannot deal with.

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After I flipped a car over, due to speeding on black ice, and survived, instead of being killed, I no longer let anything anger me on the road. I made it out in one piece by happenstance; the air bag and a convenient large tree that kept the car from slipping over a precipice.

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But i usually keep it to myself or jsut have the music loud and the windows rolled up so that if i do curse or something no one has to hear it and be affected by my rant.

If the Missus is in the car the road rage dissapears… but when she drives alone she does it too so if i slip she doesn’t complain :p

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One of my favorite truck drivers told me the other day that when people flip him off (and people in cars do that pretty often because they are too stupid to realize what driving 80,000 lbs of vehicle entails) he simply blows them a kiss.

This guy is about 6’ 2” and over 240 lbs. He’s a big guy. To imagine him blowing kisses at other irate drivers just cracks me up. He said the more other people get pissed, the more he does it, as well as following them, pulling alongside and waving at them like an overly friendly lunatic. The soon learn to leave him alone, because the attention he draws to them is the last thing those macho men with the upright middle finger want.

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People who dont drive a consistant speed on 2 lane highways, they speed up then slow down over and over again, makes it hard for me to use the cruse control. Pick a speed and drive it! And then when you try to pass them they suddenly decided its time to speed up!

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Lack of lane discipline irks me the most.

Cars with brogold badges.

Trucks raised to rediculous heights (why should your bumper hitch decapitate me just because you think your truck looks cool).

Cars with absurdly oversized wheels (why should your stock brakes fail and your car hit me just so you can roll like dat?) besides, your automatic gearbox is saying WTF??? here’s a tip for you dumbass:

Big brushguards on trucks (that extra weight is confusing your trucks braking, stability and airbag sensors you dipshit.

Idiots that lay on the horn when I slow as a courtesy to another driver.

People that smugly snail up the on ramp because the dont want to upset the fuel economy indicator in their Prius.

Taco rockets.

Riced up imports (sorry dufus, putting a Type R sticker and a huge wing spoiler on your off the rack USDM Accord doesnt make it an Accord SI- R G).

That idiot I saw with Mugen stickers on his fully depreciated BMW 528i.

People that slow down when the road gets interesting.

People that show porn in their headrest monitors… No, actually that’s funny.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv Couldn’t agree more. The worst one I’ve seen is a Mitsubishi Lancer with “Supra” in massive letters up the doors.

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People who brake for no reason, people who CONSTANTLY slam on their brakes, people who can’t drive at least the speed limit, ones who ride your ass when there’s an open lane right next to you, when you’re on a two lane road and both cars are going the same speed even though they’re holding up traffic-use your mirrors people! Driving all over the road because you’re trying to send a text message, or ride your ass while on a cell phone, etc…The way I see it, if you can’t focus enough on the road to drive competently DON’T DRIVE

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Oh yeah, the ones you pass on the highway because they’re fifteen to twenty below the speed limit then blow past you and give you a dirty look on their way by….heard of cruise control?

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When someone incessantly lays on their car horn for no reason. The car horn has to be about the most useless function of the car. I rarely use it. Just had an incident today. This younger lady apparently didn’t like us stopping at STOP SIGN. We weren’t doing anything except sitting in the car. So she decides to blare her horn for at least one minute. I had no idea what her problem was. She even had a young kid with her, not a very good role model. It’s a good thing I didn’t get out to confront her, she might’ve pummeled me good.

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