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In basketball, what is "no man's land"?

Asked by andrew (16346points) May 29th, 2009

As I’m watching the game right now, I’m not quite sure what they’re talking about—an area of the court?

Go Lakers.

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That usually just means they are way beyond the normal shooting area… there is no ‘neutral zone’ or anything like that. :-)

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Are you under the impression that Jeff Van Gundy has any clue as to what he’s talking about?

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Oh hearkat, I have to remove you from my fluther now.

Corollary question… what’s with the ridiculous deep echoey “defense” chants in Orlando and Denver? Is it just me or does that not happen in LA? It’s funny, bordering on scary.

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I think it’s when someone takes a shot from a huge distance—areas of the court that are usually not covered by the defense.

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@tinyfaery It was talked about defensively, though.

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@andrew: I missed the call—did someone commit a foul far away from the basket?

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I think it just means that a player is out of defensive position. He is not where he should be and the ball handler has an easy shot because of it.

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@andrew: They play that annoying ”DE-FENSE” voice over the P.A. at some arenas… I can’t stand it either.

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@Ivan: That sounds like a likely scenario for a color commentator to use that phrase.

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@hearkat I also hate the glare on the cav’s court. I mean really? Didn’t they think of that?

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@andrew: I haven’t noticed that; and I’ll hopefully have to wait until next season before I see a game played there again!

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@andrew: I detest the sound of the Spurs’ arena announcer, even as little as it is heard through the TV, he just has the effect of nails on a chalkboard for me.

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Anyone else notice how quiet JohnnyCeltic has been this year. He sure talked trash last year. @hearkat…I still lurve you, but respectfully, GO LAKERS!

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Well… The Lakers won. Damn. Oh well. They are the better team.

I was rooting for Denver, though.

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@dverhey…I still lurve you, kid. See ya…wtf

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Womens Basketball….?

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If the announcers were using “no man’s land” to refer to a specific area of the court, they may have been referencing the restricted area underneath the basket. The arc four feet in front of the basket doesn’t have a clear name, it’s just called “restricted area.” Defenders can’t draw a charge in that zone.

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