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Has one of your dreams ever really happened?

Asked by Tink (8673points) May 29th, 2009 from iPhone
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My dreams are too wild to come true. haha

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No, thank God. I only have bad dreams, so I hope none of them ever come true.

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Yep, I played in a band, cut an album, toured all over the US and had an absolute ball doing it! Best was getting to sing some tunes that I wrote . . .

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I married the man of my dreams.

does that count?

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Yeah it does :)

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Well I once dreamed I was at my grandmas house talking with someone then my grandmas friend passed and she was waving at me. Then when I woke up I went to school and didn’t tell anyone because I thought it was weird. Then when I came home my mom told me that my grandmas friend had died in a car accident. I told her all about my dream and about the lady waving at me and my mom told me she was saying “goodbye”
I was really freaked out

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only in my dreams (its a chain thing whereby you dream that what you previously dreamt actually happened…the next night you dream that the dream that happened from the previous dream…). I’m confused. Off to get a beer to celebrate the Laker win and dream they win the finals so it will become a reality…then, I’ll be able to give you a more coherent response…wtf

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You do that and enjoy your beer :)

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@jonsblond… no, this ain’t fuckin Cinderella. a real live nightmare….yes, i’ve woken up in a chewbacca costume at a star trek convention, it came true, i had crossed over…..

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@evolverevolve – Really…chewbacca?

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@evolverevolve Funny, but Tink said it does count. It’s Tink’s Q.

You haven’t seen my pumpkin, have you?

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Kind of. I was watching this movie with Reese Withspoon and in the movie a boy dies in a horrible tractor accident. That night I dreamt about that scene and then a couple days later a cousin of mine died in a tractor accident.

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@jonsblond – Heheh your pumpkin awww :)

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I once dreamed about eating cereal. I have since eaten cereal. Therefore, my dream has come true!

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When I was 4 years old, I had a dream that I was riding my brother’s scooter. I hadn’t mastered the balance up until that point, but the next morning, I went out and I was able to ride it!! 39 years later it’s one of my fondest and earliest memories.

Nowadays I rarely remember anything from my dreams.

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once i dreamed that i was at this popular guy’s house and i saw this girl’s name on the wall. i was confused for some reason and i started feeling sick all of a sudden, i started to panic and i was asking where she was. i never dream about this girl. never did and never had since. we didn’t even hang out. a week later she died in a car accident.
i had another dream once that this guy i knew ( again, never dreamed of him before or since) was like my best friend. but in real life he was soooooo annoying. a real wanna be and god, so childish. but anyway, in the dream we were so close, laughing and talking and all of a sudden i stopped and got confused. a week later, he was in a bad car wreck and almost died. he totally crushed the side of his face and broke many bones and bruises organs and all kinda stuff.
i don’t know if those are coincidences or what but, between us…i don’t believe in coincidences
i have strong feelings often too, which often indicate the future.

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Yes, more than once.

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yes i had a very odd dream about me defecating in my history class in front of everybody but nobody paying attention or caring.
and then two days later my history teacher tells the class that somebody in his second period class had a horrible diarrhea accident, and stank the whole room up.
supposedly the janitor had a lot to clean up in the girls bathroom too.

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It’s happened to me more than once. My dreams are often strings of scenes relatively unrelated to each other. But there have been several instances where I remember many of the scenes after waking. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks later, I find myself in a scene from one of my dreams. And what brings the memory of the dream rushing back is that my vision flashes negative. Like a photo negative where black is white and white is black. My vision will rapidly change between normal and negative, which reminds me of the dream it was from, not only that scene but often several other scenes from the same night. It’s weird when it happens. But the situation is rarely eventful. One was as mundane as hanging out in a new friend’s living room, albeit a room I had never visited before the dream.

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