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Do you think its right that people are happy when something bad happens to people they hate?

Asked by swtsally (131points) May 29th, 2009

If someone dies, does it give a person the right to be happy even though they hated the deceased person?

and it’s not me…someone recently died and there are some people who are really happy about it.

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They are your feelings. You can feel however you want.

I would not go dancing on any graves though. At least not when others were around.

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Hmm, someone that wronged me lost his business. Am I happy about it? Well, I’m not sad about it. I feel it is justification for being treated the way that I was by that bastard. Sure, he is out of business, but christ, the fucker should have seen it coming. You can’t just shit all over people (I was one of probably 400 people he fucked over in the past five years) and then expect things to be rosy for you. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving dumbfuck.

To answer your question, sure, why not? Life is about choices, your results may vary.

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My guess is people usually feel like those who do wrong get away with their behavior more than not so when something happens to the hated/bad person, they feel there is some sort of justice in the world.

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I never feel anything but sorry for them, even if I have cause to hate the person. However, everyone is entitled to their feelings. No need to be crass about it, though.

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You can feel whatever you want, as long as you don’t picket the funeral or publicly humiliate the person, or, as @augustlan says, be crass about it.

Sometimes the only justice in this world is that what goes around comes around.

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out of site out of mind

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i think you should no matter what
at least you know that that’s where they get justice
hell or heaven?

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Why would it be wrong? hatred is a very strong emotion (unfortunately often misused to describe simple dislike) but if I hate someone then I would be pleased at any misfortune they encounter. In my life so far I have hated very few people.

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I agree with the sentiment that you feel what you feel. There’s not really anyway around it. However, people do have the choice to voice those feelings or keep them private. In the situation you described, it’s probably not the most prudent thing for people to go around blabbing about how excited they are that this person died. I mean, that person was somebody’s loved one, so somebody is sad and it’s pretty rude to have no regard for that. IMO.

Now, when that bitch that talked shit about me at work is having a bad day, I might smile a little. On the inside.

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It’s all in how you express your glee. The optimal word here is “tact”.

@essienes got it right and I also agree that he/she was somebody’s loved one – so be tactful.

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It doesn’t give you the right to be anything or do anything. However, your feelings are your feelings – right or wrong, that’s all you got. Hate, to me, is such a wasted emotion, that I rarely use it. I generally feel sorry for some I don’t get along with – for many reasons, or I feel nothing.

I’m not going to dance on anyone’s grave…that will bite me on the butt!

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