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How many Monopoly games do you own and when was the last time you played it?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) May 29th, 2009

wondering if playing the game of monopoly is still in (i’m sure i’ll get hit with political humour:)

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I play nearly every day! It’s my new favorite game!

Edit: I should say that I play exclusively online or on the wii.

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I had Wisconsinopoly (being a UW-Madison grad) and regular Monopoly at one time, but I got rid of them both years ago. I prefer cribbage.

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Just one. I never play though. I like to play games that actually end. ;)

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I stopped playing when my husband became too aggressive and competitive with guests. I’m super picky about stuff so when he’d reach over, grab and crease up the play money or scatter the game pieces off the board then it was time to leave the game ;p

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just one, and many years ago

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as lame as this sounds, my freshman year in college, six years ago, me and my roommate bought monopoly and played that shit for weeks, into the night with multiple people on our floor drinking beer and fighting because everyone was being cheap with their properties. we skipped class for this in fear that someone would mess up the board. this lasted for probably 2 months. we finally realized what we were doing and we stopped. but those were good times.

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@evolverevolve just gave you a ‘great answer’ !

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Two, but never play them. They are collectors items from long ago, wood houses and hotels, and different looking money

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I’m a huge fan of board games and own as many as I can fit in my hallway.

Surprisingly enough, I have no Monopolies, even though I have often gone out to buy one. There are so many new and different versions though, and I don’t like any of them. There was an anniversary wooden edition a couple of years ago that I liked, but when I found it I didn’t have the money.

I realise that what has kept me away from this classic game over the years is that it’s all about winning. Of course, all games are about winning, but with Monopoly the game world is split into winners and losers, and if you’re the loser it usually takes a while for you to go bankrupt, which can be frustrating. In other games you either have some hope until the last minute, which keeps up suspense, or at least your death is faster, meaning you can just accept it and ask for a re-match.

But it’s still a classic game that everyone should have (at least the original version) and has historically been the mother of all board games to come.

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@Jack79: You’re so right. That’s the first time anyone has put into words what I don’t like about that game. That’s also the reason it seems like at least one person in every family cheats at it. GA!

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Played it not that long ago. Hated it as much as I did when I was younger. It takes way too long and I just don’t enjoy it, overall.

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I’m a chess guy.

Also, poker.

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I got the iphone World edition. Its very good and the AI is enough of a challedge. Plus you don’t have to hunt around for lost pieces ;-)

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I think we have at least two. I know we have Star Wars Monopoly, and possibly the classic version. We usually play the Star Wars one. It was a present from me to my husband, I think lol
Oh, and I don’t know the last time we played. Probably not since our son was born. I can’t imagine the stress of all those little pieces and a teething toddler.

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Looking over at my game shelf, I have a classic Monopoly, a Disney Monopoly in one of the square tins, a Disney/Pixar Monopoly, and a Star Wars Monopoly. I also have one of the monopoly-ripoffs called “Albanyopoly”.

Last time I played was probably 4–5 months ago, at a semi-regular boardgame night with my friends.

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I have an incomplete one…. but up until a year ago the guys got together for either poker or monopoly and beer…. played on one of my friends many many special edition sets from the Star Wars to the gold edition… to the lord of the rings version… i think he has close to 30.

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Zero, and it’s been over 20 years.

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I have:

Some anniversery edition.
An original one from the 20’s ish time frame.

Last time I played was about 7 years ago, there were too many Monopoly related 911 calls ;)

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@rottenit – You have one from the 30s? Holy cats, that must be worth thousands!

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