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Should I live in the dorms next year?

Asked by iphoto520 (8points) May 29th, 2009

I cant stand living with my parents, but is the expensive cost of living parent-free worth it?

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living in the dorms is a great way to meet your fellow peers. you’d have a better experience living in dorms than you would off campus. it’s closer to everything and everyone and you’d have a lot more fun if you knew people you were going to be going to school with.

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Give it a try! If you don’t like it, you can always move home the next year. Some people really enjoy living in a dorm. The experience becomes a memory they talk about for the rest of their lives. Other people don’t enjoy it. Check it out, give it a try.

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Yes, and you’ll get a chance to meet a lot more new people. The opportunities for study events are also better too, and there’s more of a sense of comraderie. I say try it for a year and if you like it, find someone to move into an apartment with the year after. That way you can live inexpensively and still take advantage of the social benefits.

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YES YES YES YES YES YES…...It’ll make your college life 10times better if you have the right roomate.

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I say yes. If there is one thing I wish I had done, it would be to have the whole “college experience.” I did it in spurts and phases, always living at home or in an apartment. I wish I had done at least one year in the dorm.

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Yes. Living in the dorms would be better than dying there.

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Okay well, thanks for your input…I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a couple of months now but my parents seem to think its unneccesary… This has defenitely helped me with my decision.

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If you can afford to pay for it yourself, it is a good idea, but if you expect your parents to pay for it, not good.

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If you live close enough to school to live at home with your parents, you’d be an idiot to move into the dorms.

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I hated living in the dorms. There were some good experiences but I wouldn’t recommend it. Not only that but the expense of living in the dorms is typically much more than renting your own and getting a roommate. I would recommend doing it that way.

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