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How do you say grandmother in French? He's here!

Asked by janbb (62682points) May 30th, 2009

My grandson was born last night in Paris! Everything went very well and I have pictures of him already! I will be going over there later today and will see him tomorrow. His mom and dad are over the moon.

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Congratulations, Grandmere! I think that’s right, but it’s been years since high school French.

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felicitacions! vous êtes une grandmere!
<——this gnome payed a little attention in French, may still be off gramatically though

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congrats! sorry, I don’t remember what grandmother is.
So many babies born on fluther recently!

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Perhaps Meme, or Mimi? Whatever, we’ll just call you happy!
Enjoy your new grandbaby and your trip! Congrats!

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Congratulations Grandma jannbb. Enjoy the new addition to your family. Warmest regards…wtf

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Félicitations à la nouvelle mami et aux parents, et un grand bienvenu au petit! Que ses jours soit comblés de bonheur!

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Many congrats!

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Merci beaucoup a toutes!

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Mamie, or if he is formal, grand-mére.


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Felicitations a toi, ma soeur. Ton petit-fils, il demeure a Paris? Quelle joie! Qu’il vive en
sagesse et beaute tous ses jours – et toi aussi.

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Merci a toi pour tois belles felicitations, susanc!

Mon petit-fils demeurait(?) avec son parents une autres annee en Paris et puis, je ne sait quois….peut-etre ils sont retourner aux etats unis.

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Félicitations, grand-mère!
Où est le grand-père?

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CONGO RATS grand-mére !

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***YAY*** !!That’s wonderful news!! ***YAY***

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Grandmere. the a sounds like the o in on.

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