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Why is the GameCube commonly abbreviated as "GCN," as opposed to just "GC"?

Asked by TheKitchenSink (439points) December 24th, 2007

I thought I once read that it was already taken by something or other, but I looked around and can’t find anything to verify such a claim, or where it came from…so I decided to tap the collective.

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Well it’s abbreviated NGC, not GCN… At least where I’ve seen it used.

NGC – Nintendo Game Cube

Now why do they say NGC instead of GC? I’m not sure, other than for clarification. There might be something else that is abbreviated GC, whether it be a console or a game.

Sorry I can’t help anymore than that.

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No, it’s generally abbreviated as GCN. NGC is taken by Neo-Geo SomethingorotherstartingwithaC.

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ya, its GCN as far as I know. Not really sure why, but thought it was for clarity and because earlier abbreviations included the N for Nintendo (N64, SNS, NES)

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Well, the earlier abbreviations actually featured the word Nintendo in it. You’d never call it a “64” unless the subject matter was very clear. I guess technically its full name is “Nintendo GameCube,” though. And due to the aforementioned already-taken-ness of one of the Neo-Geos, They had to move it to the back. K, I’m content enough.

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Actually, I don’t think there’s such a thing as the Neo-Geo [something with a C]. If there was, it’d probably be the Neo-Geo Colour, which doesn’t exist. There is the Neo-Geo Pocket Colour, but that was abbreviated to NGPC, not NGC.

As to why, the world may never know.

I always just call it a Gamecube or an NGC.

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Idk I’m stupid

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Some time ago, I saw the abbreviation NGC online. I used to think it meant “Non-Gaming Console,” or, in other words, a computer.

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