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What do you do if many people like you, but you only like one of them?

Asked by mbubbles (166points) May 30th, 2009

I’m so confused! So, the guy I like likes me back. There’s also this other kid in my Jazz Band who likes me and a kid in my History class. Every one of them has asked me out. What do I do? I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but I only like one of them. Please help me.

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Isnt this pretty obvious?

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I just want to know how to let them down gently. What do I say? What do I do? I’m completely in the dark about this stuff.

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If they’re not friends with each other, don’t worry about it. Don’t stress over these things. To the other two guys just be like “I’m flattered that you asked but sorry I’m not interested”

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but the person in my class and the one I like are friends.

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…I guess that makes it a little less stress-free… but then again, there’s not much you can do about it. Are you already like good friends with either of them? I reckon that you declining one and accepting the other is not going to ruin their friendship. If the guy you decline gets upset about it well… he’s a bit of a pansy. But if you’re close friends with one or both of them already then that complicates things.

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Be honest with them. Tell them you are flattered but are not available for a date. Then go and date the one who you like. Sometimes friendships survive, sometimes they don’t. There’s nothing you can really do but make it easier, and sorting it out from the start is much much better than waiting and doing nothing in the long term.

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Best thing you can do with a guy is let them down period. If not he’ll think you are interested and still persue. Tell him your not interested and don’t dance around it. You’ll thank me later.

And go for the guy you like. Don’t live with what ifs.

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i just love to stay away…

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why pay any attention to the others? you two like each other so just worry about your relationship with that one person.

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Don’t beat around the bush, just tell them you’re interested in someone else. The whole let down easy thing is always annoying.

You can say it in a nice way, like “I’m flattered, but I’m interested in someone else right now”. And that would be the end of that.

If they continue to press the issue later, just simply tell them, I’m not interested in seeing you, and don’t have those feelings for you. Sometimes it’s best to be clear up front to avoid leading into any complications in the future.

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You can’t keep people from feeling hurt if you don’t want to date them. It sounds like you’ve already made a decision so go with your feelings and try not to feel guilty if someone else takes it hard. It will pass.

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The answer is simple!
If you really like this guy, you shouldn’t worry about their friends and yours in general. If they are really your friends, they’ll understand. It is sometimes hard to lose something, but from this realtionship you’ll learn a lot of things and it’s worth losing those things if it makes you happy. I would suggest that you’ll do the same things as RandomMrdan said to do.
You have it easy! You should be lucky that you know who likes you and you know you like them back. Some people don’t know if the person they have a “crush on” like them back for shittt!

Good luck :)

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Just wait awhile, you’ll get over it.

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You say each of them has already asked you out and I’m assuming you said yes only to the one you like in return so simply tell the others you are flattered but you’ve already agreed to go out with “so-and-so” for now.

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Pick the one you want and tell the others to get lost…or don’t tell them about each other and fuck all of them.

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Find some time for a bit of one on one or find a new group of friends.

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