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Ever asked a question on Fluther that you later ended up regretting?

Asked by Jude (32198points) May 30th, 2009
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You posted it because you were really stressed, just got over a bad break-up, say, and when you go back and read it, you realize how ridiculous you sounded?

**** tried to add more in the “details” of my question, but after posting, it didn’t show up for me, so, I’m adding it here..

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No, all my questions are intelligent, well thought out questions. “How do I get the mold smell out of my basement?” haha.

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Just my stupid twitter queston.

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Nope, and this is a direct result of not posting a lot of questions. I know I’m a hothead when I get riled up, and many times I’ve wanted to post something but I don’t and always appreciate my hesitation an hour or two down the road.

If anything, anyone in such a situation may learn the value of a day of calming down and putting things into perspective before taking action. That is a very valuable lesson to learn, and considering the “low social cost” of learning it through this forum, that’s actually a pretty good deal.

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No, only a bunch of spontaneously thrown in comments.

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I find it helpful to write once, read twice, edit, wait a few minutes and then decide to send or not. Like now; I will not write this in Finnish. That is only a late-night activity.

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No, I usually ask questions about a personal matter I need an outside perspective on. Now comments, yeah I regret a few.

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Luckily, the moderators have caught my really lame questions.

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Yea, there are indeed questions I wish I had searched for first.
But usually, when a question comes to mind, I get so excited about fluther that I don’t think to search til after I’ve posted the question. Oops!

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Nope. It’s the Internet.

@gailcalled. . .Esattamente! Tutti sanno che l’italiano è richiesto quando il sole è alto.

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Nope. It’s all me, y’all, good, bad, indifferent or embarrassing.

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@Blondesjon: E ‘più facile che il finlandese. (Che cosa non lo è?) Non ho fretta di iGoogle per la traduzione.

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@gailcalled . . .Molto vero. Ho sempre ritenuto di essere spagnolo caldo, bruna cugino.

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Milo qui: caldo, ma io sono in bianco e nero

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@Milo. . .Molte scuse mio amico felino. Sei bella in qualsiasi lingua.

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Milo qui di nuovo; So. Sono smokin ’

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I feel so dirty when they talk french to each other.

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removed by moi

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I just examined all the questions I’ve ever asked on Fluther and I couldn’t find any that I truly regret asking. I found a few questionable questions but nothing too over the top.

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@chyna That ain’t French!

I write, post and scram. If you can’t foam at the mouth here, where can you? I figure if I get some heat, or if people poke some fun at me for a question or a comment, it’s all right. I can stand it. My reputation is so far down in the cesspool that nothing I can do will rescucitate it, anyway.

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