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Productive saturday for you or no? (thus far)

Asked by Jude (32126points) May 30th, 2009

Woke up at the asscrack of dawn, then drifted back to sleep, woke up @ around 9 and ate a couple of pickled eggs and marshmallow candied bananas for breakfast, washed it all down with some java, danced to Celia Cruz in my cupcake flannel pajamas whilst cleaning,
now it’s time for a nap… yay!

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No… I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m chilling. It’s a shame because it’s a gorgeous day!

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@hearkat I hate when I’m feeling like that and it’s gorgeous out.. Feel better =(

Just finished working a 50 hour work week, so, the plan is to do dickall today, going out tonight and then, rinse, lather, repeat (for Sunday—“Sunday’s don’t have to be Fundays”)..

Love lazy weekends!

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I read a book outside in the sun, so yes, very productive.

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As productive as it ever is. Got up at 7 to let dogs out. Got up at 7:30 to let dogs in. Got up at 8 to let dogs out and feed them. Got up at 8 30 to let dogs in. Fed cats. Did laundry. Iced down Gatorade for baseball practice. Got son up for baseball practice. Hung my daughter’s dress up so it would be ready for Senior Party tonight. Had an instant breakfast while waiting for son to put on his shoes. Took son to corner store for donuts. Did not eat any myself (now that was tough, let me tell you). Took son to baseball practice.

Called baseball training coach and woke him up because he forgot about baseball practice. Gave coach the rest of the donuts because he is only 20, always starving, and forgot to eat breakfast. Watched baseball practice while reading a book in the shade (way too hot here to sit in the sun). Gave daughter money for High Ropes course (she likes a little excitement in her weekends) when she tracked me down at baseball practice. Took son home from practice.

Let dogs out. Fed husband and gave him his meds. Let dogs in. Fed self lunch. Let dogs out. Washed son’s baseball uniform that I had asked him to give me last night but he couldn’t find it. Let dogs in. Reminded son to eat lunch.

Now I am Fluthering briefly while waiting for the dryer to finish before taking my son to his baseball game, taking my daughter to buy last minute shoes to go with the dress, making dinner, doing dishes, sorting clean laundry, and letting the dogs in and out several more times and feeding them again.

Somewhere in there I need to buy more dog food. If I have to I can give them cat food and buy food tomorrow. The dogs won’t mind at all.

Never a dull moment!

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my god, I’m tired just from reading how many times your dogs go in and out, LOL.

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don’t feed your dogs too much
in and out, in and out
wow they do sound like big poopers
what an interesting day!
i have plenty of dog food…if you would like some…just pay the shipping…lol

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I got up at 9, worked on my brothers wedding website for a couple hours. And now just had lunch at a Chinese resturant.
Now we are on our way to go grocery shopping and hopefully get some new summer shirts, it’s 92 right now!

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Gonna go to my grampas house today because be came back from his surgery and a big fight is building up between my aunts so I’m looking foward to seeing it

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Got up at 9:30, poured myself a cup of coffee, drank it outside while I smoked a cigarette, sat staring at my extremely sunny backyard for a while, came inside and got on Fluther. So… No, not really.

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No. Went to bed at like 3 thanks to our recent purchase of an Xbox 360, and the present my boyfriend got me last night (Need for Speed: Undercover) and I woke up at 1:15p.m. Now I’m making eggs and I have work in two hours. fml

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Yes. Got up, went to karate and worked on my kata, got 20 minutes of good brisk walking in afterward (it’s gorgeous today!), ran into a friend I hadn’t seen on a about a year and was able to do a bit of networking, finished the 2nd revision of my 2-minute and elevator pitches and sent them off to my career counselor, and cleaned the areas of the apartment that are mine to clean.

As Ice Cube might say, “Today was a good day.”

Tomorrow, I’m totes slacking off.

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yes! Fluther!

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It sort of started around midnight for me. As every weekend, I have my toddler grandson, and he doesn’t go to be until 2am or so, so we play in his bedroom until he lays down on his bed, then I go to bed. Hubby got up with him around 10am, and I slept until noon, as I usually do, but I woke up sick.

Hubby fixed soup for me, then went shopping with Grandson. I felt better after eating, and put the water out on the lawn. Luckily for me, the dog has his own dog door, so there’s no putting him out.

I just finished the last of last night’s pizza, and Hubby is putting the clean dishes. My grandson is taking his nap.

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Not really. Every time I went outside to work in the yard my allergies got the best of me. I’ve got no energy at all today. I’m worried I might be coming down with whatever illness my husband has. It sucks because it’s a beautiful day and I bought all the supplies for smores. No chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness for me tonight. :(

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@cyndihugs – The dogs go in and out not because of how much they eat, but because there are possums in the yard, dogs in the yards surrounding ours, and UPS men on the street. A wise dog guards his territory and stays tuned to the twilight bark, in case an all-dog alert should come.

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I have a maltese. She doesn’t do anything for shit, except to go around our neighborhood and end up pregnant!

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