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What is a good BitTorrent site to find non-U.S. music?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) December 24th, 2007

i am looking for a french band that goes by “YELLE” alas, none of the sites i normally use (mininova, bushtorrent, thepiratebay, suprnova) none of them have it. please, any ideas? it doesn’t matter the language of the site, that’s what translators are for!

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i couldn’t tell you for sure if its the right band, but i get a lot of results when i search for yelle on isohunt. They are usually a pretty good site for torrents, id recommend adding it to your list of sites you use for torrents. enjoy.

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Hmm, I used to find music on There were some albums that had “UK” or “Euro” in their names.

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Has some torrents for YELLE. I’m not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for but they say audio.

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Ok I found one of their albums at MediaFire that you can download here. I found it using

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Quite a bit of stuff on iTunes too, if you feel like paying them for their music.

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