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Is the practice of Voodoo real? Does if really work?

Asked by jj2ocean (2points) May 30th, 2009

I have tried conventional christianity and have questions and loosing faith.

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People do it- thus, in that sense, the practice is “real”. Like all religions, it’s a human creation and the only real work that it does is in the human mind. We are suggestible, superstitious creatures.

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Maybe I’m asking for too much. I was raised Southern Baptist, and as of late, it leaves me feeling pretty empty inside.

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If it’s okay that I ask, how old are you? And what are some of your specific questions?

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I’m 58 Years old, so I have been around christianity quite a while. I guess at this late age, I’m beginning to believe that God is not truly a loving God, but more or less “chess pieces” to move around for his enjoyment. I’m pretty sure that you can hear some hurt coming through in what I’m saying. There is a lot of pain and anger I feel with God.

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I myself am agnostic, because being so makes the most sense to me and makes me the happiest. I’ll try to talk to you, though. Help you somehow.

By your general question – asking if voodoo is real and if it works, on top of the fact that you say you don’t think God is loving, this leads me to believe that you still think he exists, so it’s not a question of a belief. Voodoo, in a lot of people’s minds, represents an opportunity for revenge (which is not typical of the real religion, by the way), so I’m also led to believe that you experienced something pretty bad or multiple negative things, and you can’t make sense of why God would allow these things to happen, and you want to enact some kind of justice on your own. Am I close?

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Pretty close. I don’t know how to work with my anger and disappointment. I have a very close friend that is a psychologist, and she’s working with me. She also knows how serious I am about how I feel.

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The only thing that I can recommend to you is that you really examine whether or not you believe. Really ask yourself if religion and belief in God is good for you. It works for some, it doesn’t for others. In the mean time, I would just focus on you. Put everything else out of your head and concentrate on what makes you happy. Look to yourself to find happiness and try not to rely on God, or even other people, for that matter, to bring you happiness. At least for now, until you get some of the questions answered. You’ll be amazed at the strength you can find within yourself.

I know that when you’ve been raised a certain way it’s sometimes really difficult to see life any other way, but it can be done, if it’s what you desire. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you find your answers from within.

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I appreciate you talking with me. From your picture you look rather young, but the wisdom that you have and the manner in the way you speak is just amazing. Thanks again.

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@jj2ocean Thank you. Yeah, I’m a little odd for my age. You’re welcome, and I hope it all works out for you.

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