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Do you celebrate Christmas?

Asked by daniel89x (280points) December 24th, 2007

Just curious to how many people out there celebrate it, and don’t.

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Merry Christmas flutherites :)

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No, it’s not my religion. But perhaps you are asking how many Christians celebrate Christmas?

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I do celebrate Christmas. Though, I’m not Christian. I don’t know why some get defensive that it was originally a religious holiday. I celebrate it for peace and joy. Gets people together also [:

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I am right now.

Happy birthday baby Jesus!

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I celebrate winter solstice. It happens around the same time so…

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I learned from two minutes of television that Christmas Day was determined by the Romans to co-opt followers of the former Roman religious system that had a festival for the birthday of the sun god on the same day. They (Emperor Constantine) erected Christian temples near established pagan temples to spread what was then the state religion of Christianity.

more here

To answer the question, I do celebrate Christmas, although it’s weird to say it, because it’s become a much more secular event for me.

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Well, we need a feast of lights around now. Thank you Jesus.

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yes, i took the day off.

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