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Something sitting at the foot of your bed?

Asked by quasi (777points) May 30th, 2009

Has anyone ever felt something sit down at the end of there bed, and get back up, when nothing was there? I used to think it was my dog or cat, but I soon figured out that there was not anything actually there. Is there a natural explanation for this sensation in your legs, or is it paranormal? My girlfriend whom sleeps in the same bed has also felt this sensation many times.

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No, but I have felt as if there was something kneeling in the corner of my room looking at me.

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that’s creepy…

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Ghost cat.
Maybe it’s Bunnicula

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well the blood flow in your legs is reduced, and is the place were you legs go on your bed hit by a direct or indirect air flow? and by any chance do you live on a hill side?

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I think it’s paranormal I used to feel someone was looking at me and my mom got someone to come to take it out

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I’ve had the occasional lucid dream(?) where I “felt” someone or something next to me in my bed, and I’d leap up only to find there’s no one there.

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@quasi Do you and your girlfriend feel it at the same times?

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@Likeradar not sure.. we just figured out that we both feel it from time to time.

I wanted to add also.. I am always wide awake when it happens. Like right when I lay down to go to sleep, or right before I’m going to get up, as I lay in bed awake.

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that’s def strange especially since you both report feeling the same thing. Because if it was a medical condition then the odds of you both having some rare condition is pretty slim. I don’t want to say its paranormal but its def strange and hard to explain.

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maybe there getting a draft of wind pointed directly to there legs

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yeah but a draft of wind strong enough to make it feel like something is sitting on you, but that you don’t notice its a draft?

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okay, do you live in a area with low pressure

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@rhector63 we have fans, and i would say air definitely hits my legs. But this is a distinct feeling of something pushing down on the bed where my legs are. I’m not sure is it could be related to air, but it seems like there could be a good explanation.

I also want to add, for somethings others have said.. I don’t feel any eerie sensation of being “watched” or anything. Just a purely physical sensation.

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@rhector63 I’m not sure what you mean by low pressure, could you explain more please?

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OH dang dood,
okay, lets see wen you live in an area with low or high pressure, the farther a part of your body is from your heart the harder/ eiseir it is for you heart to pump blood to your legs.if to much blood is in your legs it gives it the feeling that their being sat on, just like with low pressure. giving the feeling of something putting pressure on your legs. also is your bed completely level or is there one side of the bed higher or lower than the other

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@rhector63 ok I see what you are saying. Our bed is level I think, although it could be slighly off, our floors are old wood floors. I wonder if it has something to do with this blood pressure effect your talking about, it just feels so real like something is pushing down under my legs.. and my legs are just sinking with the bed.

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and it only happens for a couple minutes… like something sits down, then gets back up slowly.

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okay, does it happen exactly wen you lay down, or just on and off on random times?

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well, sometimes not long after I lay down.. but today it happened after I took an hour nap, as I was laying in bed deciding to get up or not.

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okay, do you have a bottle of water about half full handy?
okay i want you to hold the bottle straight up till its level, then about medium pase lay it down sideways. see that wave effect you see thats whats happening to your legs. eventually the pressure will restabalize, but then now move the top tip of the bottle (acting as your head) and move it up about an inch, saying you looked up at about hand hight, there it is again see (that might be whats happening to your legs)

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This happened to me regularly whn I was living at my parents’ home, and it happened to them as well. It’s not a feeling of something sitting on your legs, but on the bed. Exactly like a ct has jumped up and walks around for a moment and then curls up. I always thought it was the “ghost” of our cat Mama.

In my current house, I can’t really recall that happening.

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@rhector63 that is pretty genius, I think i’m buying this explanation, seems very possible. thank you

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your welcome dood, any time =]

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@LC_Beta Yeah, it really does feel like a cat. It’s not really heavy, just like a small animal or something. I believe in the paranormal to a certain extent, but this just seems like it could be a natural phenomena, such as rhector63 explained. It makes me feel better to think so anyway:)

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yeah the effect is usually very lite, i recomend just to try, fall asleep backwords. like turn around so your legs are were your head usually goes. and see if you still feel it on your legs

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ooh good idea. but if something sits down next to my head, i’m running!

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hahahahaaha oh man you really made me laugh! :D this time though you should feel lite pressure (like a cat) on your chest

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wow i hope not :)

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i’m curious, have you felt this too rhector?

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I also have high blood pressure.. which may add to the problem? Hrm.

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well,did a few times in my old house. because my room was at a slope and what i did is i moved my bed to match the slope so it was paralle to the slide and i felt the same something like this
bed—> [] |
Slope goes that way——-> | paralel

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@rhector63 well i just talked to my gf about your idea.. she says it has woken her up in the middle of the night before, and she was wondering why it wouldn’t happen consistently every night. I think we both toss and turn a lot, so the movement could have something to do with the fluctuations, as you mentioned. Hrm. Very curious thing…

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and, also does she have high blood presure like you?

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she hasn’t in the past.. but not sure what it is now. hrmm.. I’m on meds for it, and she isn’t..

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just try the whole turn around thing
and if you feel the pressure on your chest then its cuz of that
if you feel it on your legs try moving 90 degrees so your even

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Do you think this would happen every time we layed down? Does it make sense that it would be every once in a while?

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It could be that, like the wave effect maybe your blood pressure gets to high (or low) and that may be.
or that the atmosphere’s pressure drops suddenly (which is known to happen) and you feel the “cat”

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@tinyfaery, lurve for Bunnicula

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Hey QUASI, OUCH, I have been experiencing this as well for the past two weeks. I have been in this house for 3 years now (was built in 1971), I have had a few weird experiences ie, would hear someone walking the hallway-I could hear the footsteps, thought I saw someone standing in the masterbath-I just wrote it off. But recently, I have been laying on the bed wide awake, and I felt the mattress suddenly sink just like someone sat down on the corner of the bed. And it’s not the AC, a dream, or a cheap mattress. Yes it is very spooky. I got up at 5am this morning, went to the bathroom, and I heard my girlfriend yell that she just felt it was well (was her first time). She didn’t believe me before, I thought cool now you know what it feels like. I did a search on the internet today and joined this site because I saw your post of having experienced the same thing.

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@BillR thanks for posting your experience. It IS very strange, and I’m still not entirely convinced it is a natural phenomenon as discussed here before.. it is entirely too inconsistant. And it feels quite heavy, and real, like something or someone sitting down. I have felt it a lot less after posting this. And have become a little less worried about it happening. But recently after bringing it up with my family, my Mother claims to have been experiencing the same thing!

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It’s not natural-I’ll tell you that. After my girl friend said she felt it this morning, I went over to the side of the bed and sat down, she then said, that is exactly how it felt. I can feel the impression on the mattress just like someone is sitting on the bed, but no one is there. Next time I am going to look to see if I see an indentation on the mattress. Any thing else strange happen at your house lately?

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oh man.. i’m usually afraid to look. although i have kicked my legs.. and didn’t hit anything but air.

we have not had anything too odd happening besides that.. we have seen the occasional misplaced shadow or something out of the cornor of our eyes, but we do have a few pets.

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Ok, i just joined to give some input to this…

This is the same thing that is happening to me. It has happened a few times, but always at home and I always though ahh im just over tired, go back to sleep. But i will usually hear breathing, well I think it’s breathing. But then Saturday night I felt it again, and I wasn’t at home and this time it scared me! You know that feeling you get when your asleep but someone is watching you, and you wake up? This is what happens with me, I wake up feeling tense and then someone sits on the end of my bed and I go back to sleep, all exept Saturday night. It has to be someone watching over you. Not anything to do with bloody air or hills or whatever! I have never experience anything supernatural but this, this is too real to be my imagination. I suggest talk to family, ask them if the have experienced this. I am going to my parents tonight to ask them :) I am nervous and worried that they will laugh but I am asking just in case. I don’t mind the feeling, it’s as if someone is protecting me, I just want to know who it is and why they feel I need protecting?

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I’m shocked that other people are having the same experiences as me!
I’ve lived in my house for a year now, but only recently have I been feeling the sensation of something (much like a small dog or cat) jumping up onto the foot of my bed. It happens to me while I’m still fully awake, usually a few minutes after I’ve turned off the lights. I keep telling myself it’s just my imagination but the feeling is so real that I have actually looked for my cat (who sleeps in another room), but there was nothing there. One night I thought that it might be my husband’s foot over on my side, but when I felt around his feet were way over on the other side of the bed. As someone else mentioned – it is more of a sinking feeling in the bed, rather than a feeling of pushing on your legs. Two very weird experiences have occurred lately – one, I woke up suddenly in the night feeling as though something had just bitten my foot (I’m assuming this was just a very realistic dream caused by the paranoia I’ve been experiencing while awake) But it was so real that I actually looked for bite marks. The second experience was a couple weeks ago, my husband and I were in Rome on our honeymoon. I woke up to loud banging on the walls all around the room, and then the strongest sensation of a large dog jumped up onto the end of the bed. I tried to wake up my husband but he was fast asleep. I was so scared that I couldn’t do anything else and eventually fell back asleep. In the morning I told my husband and he admitted that he had awoken in the night to similar sensations. That was by far the most intense sensation of these sorts… hopefully there is a natural explanation…..

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Hi guys! Im from the Philippines and i just wanna say ive experieced this too! It happened one morning (3am) i woke up because i suddendly felt like someone suddenly stood at the foot of my bed. when i say “someone”, i meant that in a way in which the pressure exerted in my bed is just as heavy as compared to when a regular 50kg man was standing on it. I suddenly felt it walks toward me and laid down beside me. I was totally awake when this happened but didnt attempt to even peek who or what it was. I stopped sleeping in that room after that. 2 weeks after that incident, my brother woke up one morning and went to the bathroom around 3am too. He heard our painting in the living was banging in the wall where it was hanging. He saw a lady dressed in white, long wavy hair. He couldnt see the face in detail bec the light from the moon entering the living room shone only the lower half of her body. Now i can say that those 2 incidents are definitely related.. And definitely supernatural in nature..

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I have felt the same thing at different times of my life as well. It is extremely scary. Recently I felt as though someone was pulling my dooner off violently, and a few days later it was tugged at on the side. I know the feeling and I hope for our sakes that it isn’t paranormal.

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We live in a house that was built in 1940. To our knowledge no deaths occured in this house. We purchased the home in 2000 and have often experienced this same sinking at the end of the bed. When i pull myself up to look, nothing is there. We started letting our small dog sleep with us on the bed and the sinking stopped.
However if my wife sleeps alone some nights in the other bedroom the same feeling of someone sitting on the end of the bed occures.
One morning we both were certain someone was baking bread downstairs as we could smell it? This i believe only happened once-the bed sitting still happens if the dog is not near. It dosen’t happen all the time. Interestingly enough we have no fear and it is always a good feeling? Don’t know what it is all about, however i do suspect that it is a ghost.

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i have not read all the other answers but here is my take. my mother one time had this happen but it was near her waist. my dad was on the opposite side of the bed and never woke and my mom was too scare to move or say anything after she slid her hand into the depression on the mattress. after a few minutes the depression lifted. this never happened again but a family friend of our family that was a Catholic priest had this happen too to him and told it to leave in the name of Christ and ‘it’ left. both were very scared by this but it did not happen to either person but one time.

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Ok. Weird. I thought I’d look on line because it’s happened twice to me, once at home and once sleeping in the spare room at my Mum’s. I’ve also felt small footsteps (like a cat) running across the bed and over me, disappearing at my neck. My Dad and my cat have both died recently, although not in the house. I’m a complete sceptic, but this scared the bejeezus out of me. Reading here has reminded me of the first night I spent sleeping in my friend’s flat. I woke with the very strong sensation that someone was in bed with me, right up close behind me. Terrifying at the time, but I’d forgotten all about it. I had always thought of it as a remnant of a dream, but as a lot of people have said on here, I was definitely awake for all these recent events, and it’s exactly as described. Someone sat at the bottom of the bed. It was such a strong sensation that I was actually afraid to pull on the duvet in case it wouldn’t move. At least it’s not just me!

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Hi I also have had this happen to me and I thought it was my cat but no it was not and I saw nothing at all…........ I have taken many paranormal pictures around outside here and believe it could be a ghost of another animal that past away , or maybe a orb I take many pictures of orbs, a creature of somekind, a full apparition of a lady in a dress across the road from our home! And we have heard a womans voice, not very often but it has been heard….......anyways the weight on the bed is no more then that of a cats weight. Twice when it lifted off the bed , I heard something pitter patter across the floor!! Whatever it was had 2 feet… WEIRD to say the least and it does make me think of the picture I took a long time ago about three years a go now of that creature alien looking thing outside of here….....but who knows?

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And I will add when whatever it was went off the bed again I saw nothing at all, even though the steps were heard! Sooo strange, I do not feel afraid at all though. I hope it is not anything bad.

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I too had this very same experience. My wife and I were traveling cross country and stayed the night in a hotel close to Joplin Missouri, still wide awake with iPad in lap, tv on and wife asleep next to me, suddenly I feel something light sit down at the end of the bed. I layed the iPad over and reached for my cat realizing that our cat was at home, not with us on this trip. What was I thinking, don’t know, just would have sworn it was a cat that got on bed. Nothing there. Thought it had to be an air pocket in sheets. But truth be told, it wasn’t . Wish it had been, to this day I have never had anything like this happen to me. All I know for certain is that SOMETHING SAT down at the end of the bed that night. The following morning while checking out I mentioned what had happened to the manager to see if maybe I would have gotten some sort of confirmation about that room or just something, but did not. Wish I knew what it was, I can tell you my father had passed away about a month earlier, just so odd not seeing any reason for what I had felt. Not imagination.

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This happens to me all the time. It feels like a cat or dog has jumped up onto the bed and you can feel the mattress sinking where their paws are stepping. After a minute or so you can feel them turning round and round in a circle before lying down on the bed or jumping off the end. I wondered if it were a hypnogogic / hypnopompic hallucination since I suffer from severe pain and therefore sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation has produced these hallucinations in the past upon lying down to go to sleep or upon waking. Examples would be seeing spiders, coloured orbs, geometric shapes, and auditory – thuds such as something dropping to the floor,loud bangs etc.
I once had a terrifying one which induced paralysis. There was a loud crash in the kitchen as if someone had smashed a window or dropped a stack of plates on the floor. Then I heard footsteps as someone walked towards my bedroom. I was pinned to the bed completely unable to move or function or scream. I could hear the sound of them breathing behind the open door to my left only 2 feet away for several minutes until they walked away. When able to move, I got up and went into the kitchen. There was no broken glass or crockery and all windows and doors were locked. It was an extremely vivid and terrifying hallucination brought on by lack of and inability to sleep. I’m wondering if this isn’t a similar phenomenon.

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I was just looking for some explanation and I found this conversation from 2009, I don’t know if somebody follows it but I have been hearing like somebody sits on my bed and then comes up but nobody there, this happened many times in my life, I lost the count. I thought it was the mattress that was defective but I bought a new mattress and it happens exactly the same. I also just moved to another place like a month ago and I am still hearing the same thing. I am using my new mattress of course.

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