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How do you cure your hangover?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) May 30th, 2009

got drunk last night? are you hungover, and going to another party? what to do.

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drink some more

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Yup @cyndihugs is right damn, you beat me to it :)

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actually hangovers are caused by dehydration so if you drink water and beer you should get drunk but now hungover

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@applesaucemannyyou’ve never drank beer before, have you

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@Blondesjon no I haven’t and I plan to keep it that way but my health teacher told me that that worked

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I cure my hangovers by not getting drunk enough to have them. It’s worked perfectly so far!

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Stay drunk. I mean, you can’t stop drinking now. Remember, nobody likes a quitter.

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@AstroChuck – Great advise thats why I gave you a Great Answer

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Drink a lot of water and take some advil/tylenol before you go to bed. sleep and darkness help as well. It’s very true that one of the many causes of headaches in general is dehydration.

i’m no expert, but in the past, this has worked for me. :)

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Regarding the above response by @svladcjelli-
NO! Do NOT take Tylenol® after a night of drinking! Acetaminophen and alcohol are a deadly combination.

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Amended. No Tylenol. But Advil is fine.

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I’m wasn’t talking about the morning after, just while drinking or when you are still drunk.

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The best cure is prevention. Don’t drink more than you can handle, don’t drink on an empty stomach, don’t mix different types of alcohol, drink lots of water. If it’s too late for that, get plenty of rest.

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hot bath and greasy food.

works like a charm for me, although i havent been hungover in about 2 years cuz i dont drink much anymore.

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