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Does Nike plus work with the shuffle?

Asked by lilakess (789points) May 30th, 2009

or do I have to have the nano or the nike wrist band? Any other alts that people suggest to the Nike system?

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To the best of my knowledge, it only works with the iPod Nano. I really wish they would come out with an App for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

The shuffle usually is much smaller in memory and doesn’t have as many user controls, so that would probably not work well with Nike+.

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The Nike thing does work for the iPod touch I have it

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@Tink1113: I hadn’t heard that (I admit I haven’t looked into it recently). I wonder if it would work with the iPhone then…

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Well it should have it, just go to settings and go all the way down and if you see it says Nike click on it and turn it on

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@Tink1113: Nope… not on my First Gen iPhone. Thanks, though.

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Oh sorry

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