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Have you ever paid a ridiculous amount of money for something that you felt wasn't worth that amount, but, you loved it so much that you had to have it?

Asked by Jude (32120points) May 30th, 2009

I just saw a piece of artwork that’s around $300. The store that I saw it in tends to overprice things (IMO), but, I’m still thinking about getting it. It’s gorgeous..

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Yes some shoes what was I thinking then I didn’t like them!!

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when it’s about make-up
i don’t care

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YES, i bought this stupid thing that at that moment i thought was worht it then i actually started using it and it was a piece of S***

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i bought these Coach shoes at Dillards like a year ago
to this day
i haven’t even seen them
they’re somewhere under my bed
...i think…

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Well, I don’t if it’s ridiculous, but there was this Lacoste polo shirt at Macy’s for $88 and it was just so perfect that I had to get it. It was white and had light green and blue on it. It’s like it was made just for me; it’s exactly the kind of look I love.

I guess it just seemed kind of ridiculous to me, because my shirts usually cost $20—$30 (usually $20) and the occasional $45 dollar one, so this was twice as much as the most I would pay for a shirt typically.

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@cyndihugs – I hear you

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G4 Cube

I bought one a few years ago for way to much. I only turned it on once. It sits on a shelf.

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Every single, stuffed “Made in China” animal I ever won for my daughter at a carnival always cost me a FORTUNE before I’d actually win the stupid piece of junk, yet I HAD to win it!

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A pair of Armani shoes is what I bought.

They were the last pair in my size in a shoe store that was shutting down. While I didn’t pay the retail of over $1K for them, I certainly did spend more than I ever would on any pair of shoes. Or boots, even. I still have them, and I wear them when I need to look especially corporate and/or rich.

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Every single $17 case of Budweiser that I buy.

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Awesome, someone has worst taste in beer then I do.

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I do this way more often than I should. The most recent incident was a bike. I wanted a Trek 4500 mountain bike, but the hubby said I didn’t need that much bike. Have I ever ridden down a mountain? No. Have I ever even jumped a curb? No. But, dang it, I WILL with this bike. The hubby talked me into the Trek 4300 which was a couple hundred cheaper. But I wasn’t happy with the thing. Maybe it was all in my head, but the 4300 just wasn’t as good as the other bike, and, besides, I felt empowered on the 4500; I felt like I could do anything on it—I even went off a curb! I envisioned myself becoming a “he-momma” on the 4500—conquering my fears and maybe even getting a tattoo!

I wound up taking the 4300 back and getting the 4500. Let’s just see if in a year I’m really a he-momma. Odds are I’ll still be a wuss (and $200 poorer for it).

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Nope! Never! My father taught me well: “There’s no honor in paying too much. You just don’t need it.”

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My Simple Human kitchen trashcan. It was like $130 dollars, and everyone made fun of me for buying it. Here’s the thing, though. I’d gone through several cheapie models of step cans ($30 or so) in just a few years, and they always break in some unfixable way. The Simple Human can has a 10 or 20 year warranty on it. Not to mention, this can is superbly made, and beautiful to boot! Worth every penny, IMHO.

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@augustlan I love my Simple Human trash can, too. Fortunately, mine was a gift, but I probably would’ve bought one if it hadn’t been given to me. Best trash can ever!

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@augustlan . . .i have a t-shirt that reads This Can Is Superbly Made

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I have a tiny vial of antique amber resin that is used to mix into oil paint. It creates a luminous glow to the pigments and was often used in the works of the old masters.

I purchased this vial- which is the size of my thumb- for $100.00 and it sits on a shelf in my studio waiting.

Someday I will use it on my own master work- a painting of a Scottish pub scene. I need to take a research trip. Anyone want to go pub- hopping in Scotland?

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@Dogthe missus and i are so there

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I just recently bought jeans that cost about 2.5x more than my usual jeans. They were the most expensive pants I’ve ever bought. There were also the only pair I’ve ever bought that came with holes already in them. I love those jeans so much, but it was a serious waste of money. I coulda just put holes in one of my other 20ish pair of jeans for free.

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@Dog I’m in!

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this damn iTouch and many .. many .. many pairs of shoes.

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A particular wicker and bamboo handbag from Saks Fifty Avenue store some years back that I loved, continue to get compliments on to this day but my bf at the time complained was an overpriced mushroom basket.

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Last year I offered a stranger $25,000 for a mobile home, but he turned me down. It is totally wrecked, and probably has very little value, but I am dieing for it.
Since home prices have slid in the last year, I am hoping he will agree to a little less when I make the next offer.
What is it? I’m not telling till I get it. Then, you will all be jealous.

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Crack cocaine LOL jk

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edit mushroom picking basket

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just visit my ebay purchasing history for proof.

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An economist would tell you that if you loved the thing so much that you paid a lot of money for it, then you did value it at that price.

If the artwork makes you happy enough that you don’t regret spending $300 for it, then you value it at $300.

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New curtains! It took me forever to design the layout of my bedroom, and they are
les piƩces de resistance.

When I found them at Pier 1 Imports, it was straight out of a dream. Although they did put me over budget for the project, I think they’re worth it because they are the same exact hue, texture, and style I had envisioned.

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I think that I’m going to go ahead and get it. I know that it’s something that I’ll never tire of. When I saw it hanging in the store, I kept going back to look at it. I’ve never had that sort of reaction with a piece of art.. ever. =)

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@jmah @aprilsimnel @Blondesjon Most excellent! A research team is assembled!

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@jmah I had that reaction to a photograph from the Victorian Era. I wanted to buy it, but saw no real need for it. I talked myself out of buying it, (even though it was only fifty bucks) and regret it to this day.

If it makes you happy, then its better to spend too much for it than to be frugal and unhappy.

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@mcbealer two of my rooms were made complete with curtains found at pier one :) both designs are perfect for each of the rooms. But yeah, a bit pricey.
When I needed a new camera I would of been fine with a little one, but no I had to get a canon rebel xsi. Try putting that in your pocket. When I needed a new mattress I had to buy a king size super expensive one. Why do I need such a big bed? I couldn’t even get a regular fridge, I needed the super big one. Then it wouldn’t fit under the custom cabinets at the new house so it’s in the garage and I had to get all new appliances for the kitchen.
I don’t think I will ever regret spending a lot of money on things like shoes, purses, jeans, or sunglasses.

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