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Help! Is this a computer virus on my laptop?

Asked by sakura (8267points) May 30th, 2009

I keep getting a message flashing up in a speech buuble in the right hand corner of my screen. It seems to be from an antivirus protection system that I haven’t installed
It reads…
Critical System warning! Your system is infected with version of Trojan.win32.agent.azsy. This malicious programme is a trojan it is a windows pe exe Once launched the trojan copies its body to the current users windows startup directory and attempts to steal passwords from Int

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trojan: it might have an STD

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yeah dood thats the trojan virus, u should install the anti virus and let see if it can fix it or else itll copy and even get into other computers

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@cyndihugs funny but of no help :)

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@rhector63 I have an antivirus software but it hasn’t picked it up the soft ware that has isn’t what I installed so do I trust it seeing as I never had the virus until this unknown antivirus software appeared

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Sure is. Reformat your hard drive and reinstall windows. Good luck.

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take it to geek squad or a computer place, and back up your stuff dood because its been known that that virus shut off completely your computer

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Run Spybot or Malwarebytes anti-malware.

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I am not computer minded at all how do I reformat my hard drive??
Also I am a teacher and this is a school laptop, we are on half term the moment so can’t just take it to the tec guy!! :)
HELP!!! I have reports to write!

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I just did aquick search for you:
“Malware Description:
Trojan.win32.agent.azsy is a malicious application which is primitive in its size and essence but extremely dangerous for the compromised system when it comes to the possible impact it may produce. Trojan.win32.agent.azsy is written in C++ programming language and has as little as 439Kb in size. Trojan.win32.agent.azsy infiltrates the target host computer via firewall flaws and other minor security splits. This intrusion is undetected and usually remains obscure all the way until a professional antivirus utility is used. When inside and active, Trojan.win32.agent.azsy parasite launches the malicious campaign for promoting the affiliated rogue anti-spyware program called Personal Antivirus. For this purpose, Trojan.win32.agent.azsy uses the tactics of triggering exaggerated popup alerts and even bogus system scanners that will try to scare the victim into thinking he/she has multiple security issues and malware threats. Such technique is a component of Personal Antivirus promotion campaign, so Trojan.win32.agent.azsy may be considered an integral part of Personal Antivirus fraud, so its timely detection and removal is of critical importance. It’s worth mentioning that some antivirus software may detect Trojan.win32.agent.azsy as Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.aoth, which is basically the same. No matter in what shape and how Trojan.win32.agent.azsy infiltrated your system, this dangerous infection must be immediately removed from your system. Trojan.win32.agent.azsy installs rogue anti-spyware and makes the compromised computer vulnerable.”

Note that the description above says it tries to persuade you into downloading the antivirus/spyware software. Don’t do it! I use AVG. and Spybot search and destroy.

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I would suggest getting on another computer to write a paper. And take it in. Otherwise you’ll only have more problems.

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I just went to the Windowsprotection .net and looked up the removal procedure for you.
Go here and print it out.
You can do it manually. Good luck

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Thanks @Lupin not planning on using the anti virus stuff that is telling me I have the virus but I can’t understand why my normal virus protection isn’t picking up this so called new antivirus software! Where can I get spybot and will the lovely tec guy at work tell me off for downloading it? I have Sophos but don;t know if this is any good?
Thanks @Lupin will give it a go!

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@sakura have you run updates on your anti virus?

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I think so it doesn;t seem o want to let me update when I ran the updates it still syas I need to update!

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If you can call a geek friend to look at it.

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Here is the location for AVG free antivirus
Here is the location for Spybot search and destroy

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Here is the location for a virus free computer

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@willbrawn That used to be true. Not any more…

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What is the antivirus program that is popping up the warning? Sometimes “warnings” from an antivirus program that you don’t install are actually from what is itself a Trojan or malware. What’s making me particularly suspicious is that whatever this is isn’t offering to fix the issue—and that you didn’t install the software.

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I have just spent the last god knows how long trying to fix the problem on my laptop using your suggestions, however none seemed to work!! Whatever it is that now inhabits my harddrive is not letting me download any antivirus software!! I can’t pay for new stuff! I tried AVG but I keep getting block messages saying this website is trying to download stuff onto your computer hit button if you want to install (dodgy) software I hit the ignore and carry on button and it sends me in a loop! I tried Spybot and that just sent me round in circles too! I think I am going to have to jut reside my self to the fact that I am going to have to do my work in my stuffy study instead of in the sunshine!And hand my laptop over to the computer tech at work next week.. Will I be able to copy the reporting programme onto pendrive and transfer it to my computer, I amguessing I can but will it transfer the virus too???
Thanks for all your help so far :)

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Just spotted the windows one, I’ll try that tommorow, 00:30 and I am getting rather narked!!

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Please please notify your IT department at work immediately so you don’t end up infecting the entire network.

Don’t copy anything to your pen drive or you will infect your pc as well.

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Sorry that you’ll have to miss out on sunshine, but handing it over to the tech at work and not using it until then really is the safest course of action right now.

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Thanks for all your help guys I am going to leave my poor laptop to rest for a week and hand it over to the experts asap!! Meanwhile I am sat on my home computer just watching the sunshine outside! :(
I suppose its better than forking out for a new lap top!

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You need to window protector install it as soon as possible.if after installation you face again this problem then format your system and firstly install net protector or any anti virus after that use your PC.

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