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Shouldn't wise guy and wise man mean the same thing?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1775points) May 30th, 2009

I mean when they call you wise guy it’s usually a bad thing such as when someone says something and you come up with a witty comeback they say “okay wise guy”. But when you say something really smart they’d call you wise man.

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and they’re all coming out of the wookwork

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What are you, some kind of wise guy? Oh, erm, nevermind.

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Looks like you answered your own question. Not sure why they do that, wise guy.

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Only if they start calling cream puffs and eclairs the same thing, too.

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I think ‘wise guy’ started off as a sarcastic term…it kind of still is…

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The term ‘guy’ is a slang word, and therefore much more likely to be a bad thing, as in ‘wise guy’, but the term ‘man’ is respectable by itself, and when paired with ‘wise’ becomes a compliment.

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Literally, the two phrases are identical. But in English, especially American English, “guy” has a different set of meanings from those of “man”. Check out the dictionary. The example I like best is by Lazs Mouse: “A wise man speaks from knowledge and experience, a wise guy just speaks.”

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Wise man: brings gifts to newborn messiah after interpreting celestial observations.

Wise guy… well… you get the idea….

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Don’t forget wisenheimer and wiseacre.

One who is obnoxiously self-assertive and arrogant: malapert, witling. Informal know-it-all, saucebox, smart aleck, smarty, smarty-pants. Slang: wiseacre, wisecracker, wise guy.

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A wise guy is connected; a wise man stays the hell away.

From the mob, ok?

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