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What would you do if you told someone how you felt about them but they were already taken?

Asked by Tink (8668points) May 30th, 2009 from iPhone
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They’re taken, let it go and move on.

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But why if you really want them and you know they want you too but just doesn’t leave the other person

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If they wanted you, then why wouldn’t they leave? Makes no sense. See earlier advice.

seems as though the Fluther vets have taken the day off today. Understandably so.

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Tell them its an April Fools joke and hope its April 1st, or you could tell them anyway they might like you more than the person they’re with.

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They are afraid of leaving the other person and hurting them
ps: this isn’t about me it’s about my cousin

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I’d need more details
so they’re ‘taken’, big deal
do they still want to be with that person? or is the relationship dead? if you’re in love, always go for it no matter the circumstances
you only live once

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They don’t want be be with that person

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It’s a fact of life that not everyone you’re attracted to, is also attracted to you.

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Listen to the original advice. They are taken, move on, let it go. That applies to your cousin, as well.

Besides, how great (heavy on the sarcasm) is someone that will tell others they don’t want to be with the person they are currently with. They are just with them not to hurt them. Guess what, that slime will do the same to someone else. What a prize!

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Either that relationship will last forever or it won’t. You could try waiting a bit. Meanwhile, it is a good idea to get to know other people.

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Yeah I told her already but she still insists on waiting. There are other fish in the sea though.

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