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What in the world outside of Fluther do you wish you could lurve?

Asked by Dog (25152points) May 30th, 2009 from iPhone

While reading an article today online I was so impressed with the logical and well- written statements within that I wished there was a button for Lurve.

Then I got to thinking that lurve really does make the world go around and that there are many times in life that lurve should be offered.

Like speeches by politicians- there should be a lurve rating.

I would love to drop lurve on the two college students who rescued the injured dog and raised the Vet fees through Twitter.

So my question is who or what outside of Fluther would you lurve if you could?

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My sister and her kids. Amazing people and I neglect acknowledging their awesome.

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My lovely fiancee… no matter how much i express my gratitude for how amazxing she is i always feel it’s never enough… she is truly one of a kind.

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Oh, very fine question, @Dog. Just answering your “what” (which I take not to include people), I would love to be able to post “great deed,” “great performance,” “great story,” “great handling of the situation,” “great technique,” and so on to all kinds of actions that people take and things that they make and do.

I pay many compliments in real life, often trying to notice things that I think others may overlook (such as the arrangements of fresh vegetables set out as decorations in the cafeteria or the deft way a practiced server delivers an order). I sent a thank-you note to the pastor of the nearby church who allowed graduation guests at an outdoor assembly to use the bathrooms in the church. So if there were a way to give lurve out to folks I encounter everyday, or whose work I see—an attractive window display, a nicely tended garden, a well-behaved child, a carefully wrapped purchase—I’d click those buttons all day long.

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This article –

This article is only relevant for those somewhat aware of Australian politics, but I love it.

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G-spot orgasms.

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Every act of kindness, courtesy, respect, patience, unselfishness, etc..There seems to be a general decline of such behavior in the world today and ones motivation, of course, should be internal satisfaction, but if an artificial reward system would help encourage such behavior, perhaps it would provide a jump start for some individuals. Ideally, the right motivation (feeling good) will takeover but if the net result is improved behavior and a better world, wtf?

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My husband. Today he proved to me me, without trying to prove it, why I fell in love with him. I’ve yet to really recover since my last chemo treatment, in fact, it’s been one big complication after another, but my husband never skips a beat. Today, while I reached my limit, was tired and felt like I’d had enough. He simply made sure I was comfortable and took on the rest of the chores, without complaint. Then, he cooked a wonderful meal and right now, he’s out getting us ice cream. All of this, he’s got to be tired. His response? I did it because I love you and I’ll do it all over again, tomorrow, if you still feel lousy.

I love him. I lurve him. A lot.

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@cak…more lurve to you…kindly forward to your husband. See ya…wtf

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I wish I could lurve nice drivers. The ones that slow down and let you in when you signal, the ones who signal, ect.

@cak. beautiful. lurve. =)

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Um, everything.

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I always want to lurve my friends’ Facebook updates. Yes, there is now the “I like this” feature,” but wouldn’t it be cool if it were somehow cumulative, like it is here? I want the same feature on Twitter, too.

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Someone (Nimis, maybe?) once said we should go around with post-it notes and slap GAs/lurve on everything all day. Sounded great to me. I often want to GA emails, articles I read, and people I talk to in ‘real life’. So frustrating that there isn’t a button for that out here.

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I’m going to give my 5 cats alot of lurve today. They’re great and they deserve it.

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@Bluefreedom Do not slap a sticky notes of lurve on your 5 cats. ;)

I want to lurve my spouse today. Despite having a nasty cold we waited up all night knowing a relative was in emergency surgery. It takes a lot of character to put concerns about a relative above your bodily need for rest when you are sick.

@cak- I too would bestow lurve upon your spouse.

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I often want to lurve Jon Stewart.

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@Trustinglife Me, too. In every possible way. ;-)

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@noelasun, whatthefluther and Dog thanks – I shared the lurve. :)

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I often find myself wanting to GA certain responses in long e-mail threads at work.

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Oh, and in the Fluther blog! I wish we could GA comments there.

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I have wanted to lurve the Fluther blog as well.

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everything. you can lurve on fluther, and you can like on facebook, but you cannot do anything like that on twitter, livejournal, or offline. it’s truly upsetting.
sometimes when someone says something ‘in real life’, i just want to be like “i like this” or “great answer!” without having to actually ‘comment’ back. what a drag!

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I would lurve park rangers. I have spent a lot of time in the National Park near my home this week and it has remained unspoiled and wild due to their endless efforts.

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