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Is auto-tune conditioning listeners to be comfortable with computer generated pop-stars?

Asked by quasi (782points) May 30th, 2009

Is the trend of singers using the auto-tune software to enhance vocals slowly conditioning the masses to enjoy computer generated singers. May we eventual lose the real Lil Wayne, only to be replaced by a computer program? Tell me what you think. We already have crazy frog, and that gummi bear thing.

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I think it’s just a texture, an extra effect. I don’t ever think that it will replace real singing because it is still real singing. It’s a stylistic thing, like vocoders and reverb.

The world will never be full of songs like Radiohead “Fitter Happier” if anybody gets that.

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Nah, it is hooking a certain generation at the moment quite well. But think about it like this, when you were a kid, you listened to what was offered to you. As you aged, chances are you expanded and became more selective and more discerning.

The people who get excited by music using auto tuning and vocoders, fine. Let them get excited by music. Maybe they will branch out, maybe they won’t. Auto tuning is just another thing musicians can use. At least there’s one more person dancing.

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nope, even without auto-tune, some people are bound to like shitty music.

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What’s just as bad is that the youngsters prefer 128 kb AAC over higher fidelity music sources (according to a univ study).

Btw, I just saw Fleetwood Mac tonight and was blown away by their musicianship. It was obviously not auto-tuned and the difference was pretty interesting. It gave you another layer of the experience to pay attention to.

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I’m impressed by everyones optimism, I had assumed it was a sign of the apocalypse ;) I’ll listen to a vocoder, talk box, or even a speak & spell anyday, those seem to be more stylistic choices, rather than having a computer automatically correct the pitch of your vocals. It is the automation that concerns me, prompting me to post this question. Other things, such as vocoders etc., are actually instruments that are played as you sing. The fact that these automated, auto-tune vocals, are becoming popular, says more about younger generations of listeners than many of us may be willing to admit. If a tune doesn’t sound like a ringtone, why bother?

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The scary thing is how far it can go. We were editing my father-in-law’s voice on my husband’s mac, and we messed with the autotune function. He went from sounding like Tom Waits to Cher in a matter of seconds. I miss real music, where I can hear the moment when someone searches for a pitch and then the sweet success when he or she finds it.

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