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Now that the "dog-fighting" quarter-back is out of prison, how long do you think it will be before he is hired back by some football team?

Asked by Linda_Owl (7743points) May 30th, 2009

You know, he used dogs to fight each other, he killed the dogs that did not do well at the fighting, etc, etc, etc.

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Never…He wasn’t that great to begin with and no NFL would touch him with a ten foot pole now.

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I don’t know but what he did was wrong!!

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Pretty damn soon.

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I dunno… I think they should put his and Terrell Owen’s egos into a cage, give em’ some steroids, and make them fight to the death. Then you can kill the one that wins just for fun.

And 2 of the NFL’s problems will be solved. In an incredibly ironic way.

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I think there’s a good chance he’ll play again.

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Some team will pick him up because he’s going to come dirt cheap.

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There are teams already expressing interest in this QB

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Yeah, someone will sign him for the NFL’s minimum salary. He’ll work out with the team, probably as a quarterback but maybe at a different position. This will probably happen in the 2010 season as he is unlikely to be reinstated by commissioner Goodell this year. If his skills have remained, he might get a job as a third stringer. Eventually you might see him out on the field. It’s unlikely, but if he’s still good, he will play. Teams have given second chances to people in the past who have committed crimes that were equally and even worse.

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Defenetly will be picked up

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he has two months of house arrest left to complete before he is officially released. He can request to be reinstated to the NFL on July 20th of this year.

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Now, I am by no means a Michael Vick fan. Never have been; never will be. His “thug” attitude totally over shadows any talent he that he has in my opinion not to mention that I am not a fan of a rushing quarterback to begin with. That being said, I guarantee you that he will play. In his six year career, he’s played seventy-four games, thrown for over 11,000 yards with 71 TDs and ran for nearly 4,000 with 21 TDs. Some team will see this as a chance of redemption. First off, some down and out team will think that he can take them to the top because he is a “superstar”. There’s also the added bonus of ticket sales. They get the publicity of signing the “superstar” which will automatically raise ticket sales to those die hard fans that will always side with the man no matter what he has done.

There are players in the NFL who have committed crimes that, to me, seem way worse than Michael Vick’s crimes and still play. Look at Ray Lewis. He stood trial for murder and aggravated assault, but got off, so it’s not that big a deal. You can read about it here or just google it. There are many more other examples of players who have been charged and sentenced and still play after serving. Just do a little research.

I’m sure he will have no problem signing with a team. The trick will be getting the NFL commissioner to reinstate him since the whole case has been such a media frenzy. Bottom line though, he will play somewhere if not this season, than by the next.

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@Randythose are good numbers, not stellar

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Oh, I agree 100% but fact of the matter is, he is a “superstar”. He could have 300 passing yards and 100 rushing yards and he would still be great because he’s Michael Vick. He ran a 4.2 40. I can’t stand the man, at all. It wouldn’t bother me if he never set foot on a field again, but he will play. His name is too big for him not to. He’s not great, but he puts butts in the seats and puts up decent enough numbers to keep the owners happy.

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I imagine his throwing ability has only gotten worse over the past two years. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone signed him as a wide receiver or some other skill position. I mean, he did rush for over 1000 yards in a single season as a QB.

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@Ivan…We could call him Kordell Stewart II.

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Some team may sign him, but it won’t be Atlanta!

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@Ivan Have you ever seen him try to catch? It’s worse than his throwing ability. He could maybe pull a half back position but I really think he will spend time getting back into shape; working the arm and everything in general to get back into playing shape.

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Hell maybe they’ll just sign him to have a fast player on their practice squad.

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He may not be stellar,but many teams are searching for QBs that can scramble and make plays.The trend towards this is becoming more evident as seasons continue.

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@Randy Before Vicks the Falcons were struggling and during his years they were playoff contenders and since his departure Atlanta cant seem to get it done

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@Blondesjon I am not a M.Vicks fan,but you will be suprised how fast he will be picked up.Whether or not he starts will depend what shape he is in and the system he willhave to adopt to.

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How fucking brilliant would it be if Cleveland picked him up. WOOF! WOOF!

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I think he should go play for Buffalo with Terrell Owens.

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I see that you’all agree with me that Michael Vick is trash (and vicious trash at that !), but I agree with you’all that some team will sign him up just as soon as he is eligible for playing again. This says a lot about professional sports & it is one of the many reasons that I am NOT a fan of professional sports.

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No, I do not agree that Vick is trash. He is a person (like some of us here) that has made a mistake; the difference here is that his mistake was examined in the public eye.

I would not get involved with dog fighting in any way, but all of this outrage towards him for it is ridiculous in my opinion. When I think of heinous crimes, dog fighting does not ever come close.

He’s got some good years left in him and he has been punished a great deal. Let him back and move on.

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@Linda_Owl Its too bad you allow a few spoiled apples ruin the enjoyment of proffesional sports.That is why he was punished,is not as if has gotten away with it.He lost a starting position and many millions of dollars because he made stupid decisions.I am a dog lover and owner and was shocked (still am) that some people can be so cruel.People who abuse animals also will abuse humans (rule of thumb)
However I do not judge all sports and not the whole NFL for one mans action.

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