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What is your favorite replacement word?

Asked by Supacase (14533points) May 30th, 2009

What is your favorite saying that replaces a swear word. Something where you would replace a word to make it acceptable when children are in the room?

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“Boy Howdy” generally does the trick for me.

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Holly bananas – Holly shit
SOAB – Son Of A Bitc*
What The Funk

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great odin’s raven!

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I forgot to mention a couple of my favorites:

“Smart ankle” instead of “smart ass”
“Son of a biscuit eater” instead of “son of a bitch”

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Liza Minelli. That one stings every time.

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Rat farts!

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I have also been known to use “well, fooey!””

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Ahhh fluther!!! LOL jk i’m ganna be honest, I say fiddle sticks

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Gosh darn it!

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don’t really use substitutes… son of a bitch just sounds too nice to hide.

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Beans and Rice is nice to use when around people who might be offended by Jesus Christ.

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Sugar Cubes for Shit

Son of a Gopher for Son of a Bitch

I don’t substitute for “Jesus Christ”. In fact, I usually elaborate:
Jesus H. Christ
Jesus Christ in a Handbasket
Jesus, Mary and Joseph

I also don’t substitute for “Fuck” because I only say it when I’m really mad (which is rare).

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Cheese is dried! Got all muddy!

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When I use euphemisms in place of swear words, I use “boogers” or “pants” because they make me smile and take my mind off of whatever I would’ve been swearing about.

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Cheese and crackers for the son of the deity

Awwwwwwwwwwww shoot for scatological deposits

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oh shnitttz!
son of a bacon!
oh crab!
holy muffin!

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“Son of a nutcracker!” courtesy Will Ferrell in Elf during the snowball fight scene

Also these, currently floating through area schools, emphasis on the bold syllable…

what the hell-o kitty?
shit-ake mushrooms!
I’m gonna kick your ass-tronaut
mother truck-er

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Sweet baby Jebus!

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@mcbealer: LOL. I love “what the hell-o kitty?”.

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shitake mushrooms!

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What about—-

Removed by Fluther Moderators ???

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lurve for you
: )

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holy moly ;)
what is the saaam heck lol
son of a gun
what in the world

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