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What are the best plants to use with artificial light?

Asked by pdrusch (5points) December 5th, 2006
I would like a plant for my office desk, but there are no windows, and the plant would have to survive off of artificial, fluorescent lights.
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I have a mother-in-law-toungue plant that is okay with virtually no light. I have a co-worker who has a philodendron that has survived in an office with no light, too.
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and philodendrons are very easy to take care of, too. just water once every week or so.
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also, I was just in a friend's cubicle that gets no light and she had a "wandering jew" plant that was doing well
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I’ll third the suggestion of philodendron. They’re very low-maintenance and can thrive in conditions other plants would balk at. There’s one in the windowless locker room at work and that plant is incredibly healthy.

You can also Google “low light plants”.. the first site that came up seems to have a nice selection.

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