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Do the fluther mods reply to feedback?

Asked by Bobbydavid (837points) May 31st, 2009 from iPhone

Or do they ignore it like they have mine?

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Response moderated
Response moderated
Response moderated
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[Edited by self as it was in reference to what was edited by mods.]

In answer to the question I have always gotten responses when I asked a question of the mods or fluther gods. Perhaps you need to check your email settings?

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Yes they do. They are also good at deleting weird off topic stuff.

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We respond to our emails as we have time. The mods are volunteers. I’m going to go eat breakfast, but then I’ll try to find and respond to your comment. It would help if you could PM me.

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Was just a general question. I was pissed at first at being ignored but soon got over it.

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apperently NO!

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[mod says] There is no record of a moderation comment from you. Perhaps you never sent one, and thus, we never replied?

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Hmmmmmmm suspicious!!

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Removed by Fluther moderators again

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