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Will Nostradamus' doomsday prediction happen a day sooner in some parts of the world?

Asked by siilver (273points) May 31st, 2009

Supposedly, the date is set at December 21, 2012. This is based off the Mayan calendar. So technically, that would be Central time (US). Does that mean that in Russia and other countries falling on the other side of the International Date Line will experience it sooner than expected, or will the destruction happen slowly enough for them to catch up?

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It was the Mayans that came up with that date not Nostradamus,

And the world will continue to exist on Dec. 22. 2012 so don’t cash in that 401k just yet.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic i know but he is the one that sort of ‘made it infamous.’ Hence why i said it is based off the Mayan calendar. And I am not saying I believe it to happen just want to know if it were to happen what would the scenario be.

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Technically speaking i suppose that it could happen on one day somewhere in the world and the previous in others.

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@Silver Well, you have just pointed out another logical flaw of a generally unfounded idea, nothing more. There is no good answer to that which is based on false preconceptions.

But if you want to be technical, the end of the world will “logically” come when it’s 12–21-2012 in Mexico, in Maya land.

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@gailcalled i know there are questions already, but i wanted an answer of your thoughts on the actual time zone/date issue… not just links to the other questions. I am saying, hey let’s just suppose it IS going to happen (yeah right), how will it work. I like originality not just links to other posts.

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My life is too short, particularly if it is going to end in 2012, EST. Didn’t the Mayans factor in the time zones and the fact that the earth is almost round?

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It would make sense that if it did, we should probably keep an eye on Japan :)

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more Pre Mayan apocalypse Tension

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It’s yesterday in Australia, so maybe we should watch the Crocodile Hunter show on that fateful day and see if Bindy goes boom.

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The destruction won’t happen ever, thus the point is moot.

Basically, there’s no way that predictions dated hundreds/thousands of years in the past would coincide with dates in today’s world – the calendar has changed a bit, we have daylight savings time and timezones etc.

If however one prediction was right, it would likely occur around the predetermined time in the local area.

But the point is moot. It won’t happen. It just won’t. There’s no more reason to believe that the world will end in 2012 than there is to believe that I am actually a pink floating cosmic squid from the planet Oogaboo who loves pineapples.

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@dynamicduo i don’t think you get the point… i am not asking do you think if IT WILL or WONT happen, more the question of, oh lets just say it is gonna happen… (insert original question here). So i guess your answer is moot in this scenario… (even though moot wouldn’t be the right word in your answer because you said it WONT happen, yet moot is defined as – adj. Subject to debate; arguable). I guess it seems to be too hard for people to read other answers before they input their own thoughts, but then again that would just have to be moot (adj. Of no practical importance; irrelevant.)

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I guess I won’t answer any more of your questions then. Good day to you.

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@siilver: We all know what “moot” means. Try to use some synonyms and not define it twice. That is debatably or arguably unnecessary.

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if it were to happen the dates would be different for different parts of the world so where as it might hit america on the 21st it would already be the 22nd in new zealand. i would assume it wouldnt hit each nation on the 21st as the day rolled by but who really knows.

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There was a PMT joke there. Did you see it?

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