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How did the dinosouars die?

Asked by JG117 (49points) May 31st, 2009

i was wondering how did the dionsouars die?

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A big comet killed them

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There were mass extinctions but the dinosaurs didn’t die. They evolved,

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Most of them died of being eaten by other dinosaurs, or of old age.
And then one day a huge comet landed somewhere around I believe New Mexico, and disturbed the climate so that the whole ecosystem was unbalanced. Then a lot of them died of hunger.
Nowadays, their offspring usually dies again of hunger or of being eaten by other birds.

You probably actually meant to ask not how individual dinosaurs died, but how all those species became extinct. I think it’s the same answer as for mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers and whatnot. Evolution went on and left them behind. Their offspring just gradually evolved into different life forms.

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They saw that this would become their future, thus prompting many dino-suicides.

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God did it, so the bible would have sense

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Like all creatures, asphyxiation to the brain.

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They all OD’d on meth.

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Bad pork? (Sorry I’m in public health and can’t help myself)

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God killed them off because they messed up Creationist Theory.

(oops apparently someone else already said that…can I change my answer to “comet”?)

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@AstroChuck Indeed: they ceased living.

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We are pretty sure that it was the direct result of an asteroid impact near the Yucatan Peninsula that disrupted many Earth-systems. There are competing theories, however.

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@IvanHave you ever read any of the epidemic theories that have surfaced over the last couple of years? The Yucatan impact started the ball rolling and then a highly infectous disease finished the job.

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There are many thoughts on how the dinosaurs died out, including the thought that they didn’t but instead evolved into birds, or even that birds are small dinosaurs. In other words, dinosaurs did not die out, they changed.

And more than one of the various theories may have been operative. This is quite likely the case because “dinosaurs” (the large species at any rate) died out but crocodilians, turtles, and mammals did not. Trilobites vanished and brachiopods and nautiloids almost disappeared but other shelled and multi-shelled creatures did not.

There is indeed evidence of at least one and probably several large meteors impacting the earth and altering the climate in such a way that ecosystems changed drastically. This caused starvation, leading to disease, less hardy offspring, shortened life spans and quite simply death from famine.

Related to this is the fact that so many dinosaur species became very specialized by the end of the Age of Dinosaurs, living apparently in very specific ecological niches and feeding on very specific foods. If something happens to the one food your species can eat, then the species is in big trouble. Look at Giant Pandas, who live only on bamboo. What happens to their numbers if something happens to bamboo? They drop precipitously.

Also, as sea levels changed and tectonic plates moved land bridges formed allowing previously isolated groups of dinosaurs to come into contact. The possibility then arises that one group of dinosaurs might carry a disease that the other group was never previously exposed to, hence a lack of herd immunity led to massive epidemics and death. A similar situation occurred when Europeans first came to the Americas and brought several diseases not previously known in this hemisphere (and in return took a different form of the syphilis bacterium back to Europe).

And there are other theories on why so many dinosaurs and some other creatures died out, but so many others did not. However, it was probably a combination of factors.

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Yeah, I’ve heard of that one. There’s also speculation about flood basalts, methane clouds from the oceans, and a bunch of other stuff.

I sort of take issue with the notion that Dinosaurs might have simply “changed.” That period represents a mass extinction. Not all species went extinct of course, but the vast majority of what we might call “dinosaurs” did.

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@Fyrius – And actually, there is one other element active in the extinction of the mammoths and other large mammals that was not present during the end of the Age of Dinosaurs. That is the rise of a very effective predator capable of killing these animals off faster than they could reproduce. That predator is still active today, in what some scientists are referring to as a new age of extinction.

That predator is Homo sapiens, with its ability to craft weapons, invade, and alter multiple ecosystems, and its need to dominate its environment.

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@Darwin. . .so now we’re back to bashing the gays.

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@Blondesjon – I usually get your point, but this time all I got was the Whoooossshhh as it flew over my head.

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Actually, I have one of their descendants perched on my shoulder at the moment.

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@Darwin . . . your humour is just not as juvenile and crude as mine. i was talking about your reference to homo sapiens.

i would have had more fun with homo erectus

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@Blondesjon – I see, I think. Maybe. Or maybe not.

If one is intent on dominating the environment through numbers then gay bashing would be an evolutionary advantage certainly as homosexual behavior would not produce offspring. However, if one dominates ones environment through the use of tool-making and a need to change that environment to be more suitable for ones own species and to the detriment of others, then gay bashing is not a part of it.

When it comes to paleontology and anthropology I tend to be quite earnest and definitely show my nerditude.

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if i could give you a million points for your nerditude i most assuredly would. forgive my assitude.

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@Blondesjon – I will probably get it later, bursting out in laughter during some inoportune moment. That’s what nerds do, you know. Anyway, thanks for the lurve.

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God killed them!

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I can’t believe I forgot about this hypothesis from Dr. Larson.

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According to Evelyn, the dinosaurs were killed by blackberries. No, not the innocuous little fruits; but the same devices that humans have recently discovered. Seems we are going down the same dead end road as those terrible lizards did. I’d tell you more, but if you want to know, you’ll have to buy my humorous novel, Riding Shotgun with Evelyn.

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I thought it was global warming brought on by the methane gas produced by those damned tyranasaurus rex and their grass grazing. (I have tried spelling that 6 different ways and can’t get rid of the red line so I apologize to the spelling cops)

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@rooeytoo Tyrannosaurus Rex, just for your information.

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@Kayak8- Would that have been Jurassic pork?

seVen's avatar has worthy videos to look at in that matter and others, I highly recommand it.

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Oh my….

Did you just link to Kent Hovind? You did, didn’t you? Wow…

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Actually, my kids refer to me as Dinosaur, so I guess they are not done yet..

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@evelyns_pet_zebra – thanks, I am pleased I was only 2 letters off, that is good for such a big word!

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Since my kids call me a dinosaur, I guess we are not dead yet. Long live the Dinosaur Dad!

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