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When you're counting down for an event, how do you make time pass faster?

Asked by timeand_distance (1287points) May 31st, 2009

It seems like the days are going

I’ve got a countdown widget, but I think that’s just making time seem like it’s going even slower. Ideas?
I figure I’m just screwed, but if anyone has any little things they do while they’re waiting for a certain day to arrive, it’d be very helpful.

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You don’t get time back. These are days you won’t be able to relive. So find fun stuff to do today.

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I find new things to do. Sometimes, this gets me into trouble. I now play three trading card games (which is quite a lot of money) and see movies with friends a lot. However, I also spend a lot more time with friends and it is wonderful. Pass the time by learning new stuff and spending time with friends. It’s a good way to spend your time. :)

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Smoke a Spliff, go on and keep clicking “random page”

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I like to read, fluther, watch movies… if all else fails go back to the old middle-school staple and squeeze one off :p

Just find some activity that really demands your attention and you should be fine.

That countdown widget will not only make time go slower in your mind.. it might just drive you insane.

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Set up an exciting event (camping trip, new pair of shoes, movie night with friends) every week or so until the big day. You’ll have something to look forward to every week rather than once every couple months. May I ask what you’re waiting for?

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How do you spend your days when you’re not impatiently looking forward to anything?

Do that.

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Sleep…a lot.

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Buy a new notebook, maybe one of those pretty ones that has black and white scribbly marks all over the cover and lines on the pages. Spend a lot of time every day writing about how hard it is to have no way of distracting yourself from thinking about this event you haven’t named.
Leave out no detail of your angst. It’ll be really illuminating to read it in a month or two.

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@ubersiren on june 23rd I fly to england to see cage.

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@timeand_distance: It seems impossible, but I try not to think about it. I would remove the widget. You said yourself you think it’s making it slower.

Like with college admissions, it was pretty easy to just forget about it because I had to wait 4 months, and it didn’t really affect my daily life.

I’ll tell you a secret, @timeand_distance, I’m counting down (or trying not to count) the days until I get to see my sweetie, too! (June 11th!!! squeal) When I talk to him, we say, “and I get to see you soon!!” but I try not to think about exactly when (okay, and sometimes when I can’t help myself I count the days.)

Do you skype with her? That helps us a lot!

Also, starting a big project can help, doing something that takes up all your time. Look around your house, or I don’t know how old you are, ask your parents, if there’s something big that needs to be done, like I dusted all the framed pictures my parents’ house for them, I cleaned the baker’s rack, I put up all the painter’s tape for a project I’m still working on. When all your time is taken up, the days go a lot faster.

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I don’t pay attention at all. I try to forget it. I’m going on a vacation at the end of June and I’m excited, but I’m keeping my nose down to the grindstone so that time goes by faster!

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