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I scratched my tonsil with a particularly sharp piece of pizza base. How long will it take for it to not feel like tonsilitis?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) May 31st, 2009

I’m especially miffed because I had my tonsils removed and this one grew back. It hurts a lot. You can see the scratch. I’s about three quarters the length of the tonsil.

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It depennds on if it gets infected or not. Gargle with warm salty water. It may help.

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Coupla three days.

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It will take a little longer than a similar scratch on your finger (like those horrible paper cuts) because it will be constantly irritated, every time you eat. I suggest you ask a doctor if it should be surgically removed – again.

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I didn’t even know you could scratch your tonsil

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@Judi Thanks, I’ll do that.

@YARNLADY I was planning on seeing my doctor this week. It seems to get white spots on it and hurt pretty often, so maybe it’s worth looking into.

@hug_of_war Neither did I until last night.

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What’s pizza base?

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@suzyq2463 : That was part of the reason I laughed. I kind of feel bad for laughing, but I couldn’t help it. Even with the ability to filter my initial reaction, with this being the internet and everything, I couldn’t help but to type the h’s and a’s.

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White spots and pain in the back of throat that last for several days may well be strep. Go to Doc’s and have a throat smear taken for culturing.

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Strep is BAD. Good thing you already have the appointment.

I too lol’d at the phrase “a particularly sharp piece of pizza base”. GQ and get well soon.

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Tonsils serve a purpose, and the removal of them should only be done for serious medical reasons. Never have it done just for all the free ice cream.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I had my tonsils out when I was 5 because of constant tonsilitis. I’d really rather not have them (or it, I suppose) out a second time. It was not fun.

@gailcalled I’ve mentioned it to my doctor several times, but on inspection, it didn’t look inflamed or ‘wrong’ at all. We’ll see what comes of it this time.

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@Tennis5tar: Did he check the lymph nodes on the sides of your neck? Have you? Do they feel tender or swollen?

I have trouble understanding how you could scratch a tonsil with any part of a pizza except for the box cutter.

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@gailcalled Yes she did. As have I. They feel no different on the outside, but they feel different from the inside if that makes any sense. Sort of larger, but that could be a sensation that comes with the sore throat.

It was a deep pan frozen pizza. The base was particularly crispy and the piece I cut off had a sharp corner which, upon swallowing, scraped the back of my throat. My tonisil was on the receiving end.

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Ouch. I usually just burn my mouth on pizza, because I’m so hungry by the time it arrives, I can’t wait.

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Change your toothbrush. We often forget that our toothbrush contains contaminants that can cause reoccurring illnesses such as colds and sore throats.

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@RedPowerLady Great advice. I usually put mine in the dishwasher to get them clean.

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@YARNLADY When i’m in a pinch I put mine in some cleaning alcohol but I just prefer to switch out. I never know how effective my cleaning methods have been, haha

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I have scratched my tonsil too. I just did it a few hours ago. Oh my gosh is hurts. I was just getting over a bad sore throat, had my first pain free day in about 4 days, and then I had this very deep yawn which apparently caused some part of my mouth to scratch off the new skin that had healed from my sore throat. It feels much more like a bruise now without the other sore throat symptoms. I am chewing ice and gargling salt water constantly. Any other suggestions would be welcome as the pain is very sharp.

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