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What did trolls do before the internet?

Asked by loser (14982points) May 31st, 2009 from iPhone
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hung out with their police scanner all day

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@loser we were clearly in the same brain space at the same time! LOL

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Hid under bridges and pestered billy goats?

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Added to their used kleenex collection (lovingly)

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They used to streak at ball games.

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They wrote poorly spelled, grammatically atrocious letters full of bile and hatred, straw men, circular logic and moral superiority to the editors of their local newspapers.

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oh man, you’re faster than i am i was going to say the same thing…lurve!

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What are you saying? @switchhitter is narcissistic? I didn’t give him that much credit. Just thought he was really really really unintelligent. Or literally, has lived under a rock for the last 75 years at the very least.

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Short wave radio? Ham radio? CB’s?

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They were the bullies that picked on small kids.

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Strolling the beach in their man-thong looking for “treasures” with their metal detector?

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@Super Mouse . . .you have to be smart enough to get a license to operate a ham radio.

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They would heave stones, eggs or dog shit from a great distance into a crowd. The distance would be great enough that they could not be physically caught but short enough to hear the crowd’s reaction…wtf

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Knock on doors and run.

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play star trek in the treehouse and read comic books

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Watch “What’s Happening”, eat cornflakes and masturbate…which they still do.

Kids in the Hall reference

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@jmah Thanks for that vision.

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@Blondesjon excellent point.

@jonsblond, knock on doors, leave a flaming bag of dog shit, then run!

They might also have lay about in the mom’s basement playing their Atari or Nintendo 64 and make crank phone calls a la Bart Simpson. Only Bart does it with much more style than any troll I’ve ever seen.

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@jmahlurve for the Kids!

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@SuperMouse D’oh! I forgot the most important part.

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Probably just bottled it up inside and stored it for later. Then, they take it out and unleash it upon some poor unsuspecting cashier, wait person, or customer service rep, because you know, the customer is always right.

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Most were not born yet.

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@chyna I think it was probably the opposite. They were (and probably still are in their “real lives”) the kids who were quiet and dorky and were the victims of bullying. The internet is pretty anonymous, and it gives them a chance to be the jackasses they would never have the balls to be in real life because they are really just scared little children.

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Talk radio….. They still do that though..

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Creating rumors on purpose and watching what happens.

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