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I'm both lazy and impatient and want to know how to get songs on my ipod with out itunes or is it needed?

Asked by ththththth (241points) May 31st, 2009
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It’s needed.

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iTunes use a XML file that needs to be modified by something to know what songs are on the iPod. So you are out of luck.

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You need iTunes or a similar music manager that supports iPods. That’s proprietary products for you.

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iTunes isn’t that big a file and it is free and it has worked very well for me.
You could practically have had it down in the time it took you to ask Fluther and read the answers!

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thank you craving knowledge atm and this also seemed fun.

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the first half of your statement makes no sense when combined with the back half of your question.

Getting music from your computer to your iPod is most easily and most quickly accomplished via iTunes. So why would someone who’s impatient and lazy want to do it any other way?

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I like to be creative equally whilst maintaining a lazy aire and musing things to myself, upon my discovery of Fluther I simply couldn’t resist

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There are lots of third-party applications that can put music on the iPod with no problem. You can find a list of them at

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Go to and you can download any kind of song either itunes or windows media player etc. Its basically like limewire but you dont have to download anything

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And just as a side note, iTunes also has several wonderful self-help books you can download!

aLeXiE347's avatar is perfect. I use it and its so simple. You search a song and you get a list of all the uploads of the songs there has been by other users. You might want to listen to the song first because some are low quality. When you click on a song, you cna listen and click on the download link. It tells you how many megabytes it is and then you can click “download now”. It only takes like three to five minutes to download a song and you can open the song with any program you want. Just be sure to click save file. Then its easy peezy. It’s unlimited and free, and what could get better than that? It was so awesome for me because I couldn’t buy music for practically one buck a song when my iPod holds about 2000 songs. It’s ridiculous. And now the prices on some went up to $1.29!

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