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Is the lurve updating slowly for anyone else besides me?

Asked by ragingloli (48533points) May 31st, 2009

i was on 1260 and after that i got 7 GAs, but my lurve only increased to 1270. anyone else experiencing this?

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I am too experciencing lurve lag

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Not me. But I rarely get 7 GA’s…

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me! yesterday!

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It just means some of the people that have GA’ed you have maxxed out on lurve for you. It eventually happens to us all.
Also, you are limited to a certain amount of lurve on each thread.

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Search for lurve, that will explain it. :)

Also, just wait until you really start raking in the lurve. It never moves. :’(

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@asmonet ; I know what you mean! I am waiting for that 10,000 party and it seems to move so slow these days!!! By the way, I’ts good to see. you! Hope you’re loving your job. You have been missed around here!

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Some people get lurve based on WHO they are and not really the quality of their answers. That’s why you shouldn’t get too hung up on lurve being a reflection of your answers.

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The behavior you describe is a “feature” of Fluther (as others have explained above).

The best advice is to ignore lurve. It’s not a score. It’s not a ranking. It’s not an indicator of how well you’re doing. It’s not cyber money. It’s not anything but a number.

If you’re here for the lurve, then you’re doing it wrong.

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@robmandu ; I still think it’s cool that right now you’re at 11111 lurve :-)

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It means you get a lot of your lurve from pretty much the same people.

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