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What's a good alternative to Windows Movie Maker?

Asked by Espin01 (32points) December 25th, 2007

Is there any good Movie maker, preferably free, that has the pros of WMM—Ease of use and automatically cutting a movie file into clips—without the cons—Freezing and in my case, the audio layer not playing at the same time as the video layer in preview mode.

If nothing like this exists – which I hope is not the case – then if anyone could tell my how to get audio and video to sync during a preview in WMM it would be most appreciatied (They only sync properly if I start the video from the beginning).

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I haven’t use this, but I’ve heard good comments about it, you can give it a try.
here is a list of software if you wanna try more

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Hmm, VirtualDub’s purpose isn’t equal to that of WMM’s. With VirtualDub you can split, join, convert, mux, demux video – so it’s for more advanced users. On the other hand, WMM is for dummies or beginners and you can do basic things, like join and add transitions.

I’d suggest something like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere…

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