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Who is "The Man"?

Asked by FLUTH3R (24points) May 31st, 2009

While posting my other topic I was just thinking, who is this “The Man”

When people refer to “The Man” who are they refering to really.
Worker: The man is keeping me down
Black Guy: The man won’t let me sit in the front of the bus.
ExCon: The man always be holdin me down

Is The Man the leader of a bank or corperation, or are there multiple men (leaders of corperations) who are collectivly The Man?

Is it a single Man who controls the worlds money?

Is The Man our government as a whole or a specific Man in it (Barrack Obama)?

Is the man a specific white man who is keeping the black people down? or white men as a whole?

Who the hell is The Man?

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Sorry, @Ivan, but Isaac Hayes said John Shaft is the man.

The answer FLUTH3R wants is here.

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The “Man” is the same person as “they.”

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Ya I read the wiki. Dosen’t help. Theres gotta be a real “The Man”

or is “The Man” just somethng we made up? I feel like hes real

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It’s me. @Ivan is “that guy who can’t use periods”.

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Chuck Norris.

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Could be him or him?

pay no attention to the most eeexcellent man behind the green curtain..

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<- I da Man!
Even though I look like da Boy.

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If I were in their handcrafted but understated Italian tassled loafers, you’d have no idea who I was, either. Such men are smart enough, rich enough and powerful enough to keep themselves hidden in plain sight. Paul Fussell in his book Class called such folk “Top-out-of-sight”.

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“Me” is not a complete sentence, and thus punctuation was not required.

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“The Man” is the current dominant social establishment or government. I come home from 15hrs of work and say, ”I’ve been toiling for The Man all day.” This is to say I’ve been working my ass off for not enough money and too much will be going to the tax man.

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> Theres gotta be a real “The Man”
> or is “The Man” just somethng we made up? I feel like hes real

Why does he have to be real?

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That’s 2 votes for Chuck Norris…^

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@Ivan: You are correct. “Me” is not a sentence. It is also not the correct grammar to answer the question. If your intention was to answer that you are “the man” then you should have responded with “I”.

Who is “the man”?
I (am).

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F**k Chuck Norris. There can be only one Chuck and that Chuck is Astro.

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There can be only one and in the end, it was the Highlander with the all the right stuff – Conner MacLeod from the Clan MacLeod.

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white people.

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I think it is the IRS or the ATO as it is called here! That’s who I always seem to be working for anyhow.

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Maybe one of these guys?

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My husband insists that he is “The Man” so you can all blame him.~
His evidence is based on being the best, craziest surfer in the 1960’s, growing up in the bay area and seeing all the great musicians of the 60’s and 70’s, and being able to touch anything and fix it. He has been mistaken for Henry Winkler on more than one occasion,(once someone even made him a Henry Winkler name tag and people were asking for his autograph) But I have to admit he is way better looking than Henry Winkler. He is a pilot, a scuba diver and he rides a Harley.
So, My hubby IS the man.

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The Man is anyone who has authority or control over you. Most often, I consider The Man to be the government, and any government agent is an incarnation of The Man.

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You da Man

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I am “The Man.” You are all my bitches. You live, die and squabble like fish out of water for my sick pleasure. Oh, it is sick and it does give me pleasure.

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Authority figures. The government, your boss, police, etc. Traditionally, but not limited to, white males.

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@ubersiren Your black aren’t you.

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@spresto : I’m actually orange. I’m of the Oompa Loompa clan.

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