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Have you ever experienced positive peer pressure?

Asked by lisaj89 (720points) May 31st, 2009

Positive peer pressure is the only way I can think to explain it. When I am around certain people, I feel like I can only go so far. It’s not that I feel like I can’t be myself around these people, but that they, to some extent, look up to me as one that can have fun without doing anything that could be harmful.
For example, I was out with some friends from high school the other night and we had some alcohol. I drank one drink, then went to grab another one, came back, and my old best friend gave me a “look”. She knows that I’ve never been drunk before, but I felt compelled to announce it to the whole room that I don’t drink to get drunk.

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yes. It’s better than the other kind.

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Yup. High school has that effect.

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It’s called “support.” If you have worthy friends, you find you have lots of support.

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I grew up in a family that wasn’t religious, my parents drank and we hardly ever ate dinner at the table. My best friend was Mormon and had a completely different lifestyle. I have to say that spending time with her family was very refreshing. I loved how her family spent quality time together. To this day, some 20+ years later, I can still count on her to guide me the right way.

So to answer your question, yes I have.

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I haven’t, but I know my kids have. I think it’s great, and wish I’d had that type of support system when I was growing up.

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Yes, mostly no regrets. I once had a bf I broke up with who was enjoying to taunt any guys in our very public social scene who were trying to hit me up by telling them they had little chance of getting anywhere at all since I had such high standards. This helped me through the breakup not to act out in desperate for love behavior since I felt people would be watching and so I tried to chin up and maintain dignity and composure. This was a long time ago, I do plenty of bad things now

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ye lots of it and the older i get the more good people I meet who can give it to me and I them in turn. when I myself am not being a bad influence

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Not in school, but around my family and other people I choose to associate with.

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You are who you hang with.

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I have a positive effect on people I come into contact with so yes, I’d say I have experience with postive peer pressure.

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I see it every day. Many of my students are Asian-American. The attitude among some students of other ethnicities is that Asian students are smarter. The fact is they are often in friend groups where they support each other positively. Instead of going off in groups cutting classes and hanging out at the coffee shop, you see them forming study groups, encouraging each other to take honors classes and participate in extracurricular activities and sharing resources.

I’m not saying all Asians do this or that it is limited to Asians. This year a couple of the Latino soccer players who have been in my homeroom for 4 years asked if some of their teammates could transfer in, I said if it was OK with their counselor. Soon there were 4 more soccer players. It was obvious that 2 of them were better students who were using that 30 min/day to work together and keep each other on track.

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I’m not a huge fan of getting drunk, or excessive drinking at all. When I met my husband, he was drinking a lot and I told him I wouldn’t put up with that crap. He was also doing hard drugs, and I had already separated myself from all drugs and alcohol. He stopped being friends with his old friends, moved out, and we began dating and didn’t drink or do drugs (okay, some pot was involved, but we held off for a little while on that) His mother views me as the best influence in her sons life. I don’t feel I pressured him to change, I think he wanted to change but I gave him the drive to do it.

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