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What do you like or dislike about NASCAR?

Asked by Fred931 (9414points) May 31st, 2009 from iPhone

EXCLUDING: “Going around in circles for 5 hours straight is boring!”

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I just dislike car racing in general. My parents are really into it (not really NASCAR, but Formula 1 and stuff) and I just find it deathly boring. I hate the noise of car racing too.

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@Dansedescygnes The noise is actually one of the things I like. Best car noise: the sound of a Lamborghini. Say, could you get me one for my birthday? Heh.

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Sitting for five hours under the sun in a noisy place.

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haha i hate watching nascar in tv, live listening to it, or anything else.
but its SURPISINGLY fun to play, like on PS2 or something,
my next door neighboor has the the game and we’ll play for hours,
but if were flippin through channels and we catch nascar we get bored to death

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Racing in general is not my thing. Maybe if they made the race track a bit more interesting I would be able to tolerate it. But then again, maybe not.

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Go watch the video of todays race in Dover; go to and look for the “Final Laps: Dover” video. It was amazing!

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@bob_ Yeah, I’ll give you one of my dad’s 10 cars… :P

I thought I would also add that apparently NASCAR is more associated with hicks. Is that true?

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Wanna see m drifting technique?

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Yeah, actually, that reminded me of some show my parents were watching about British car freaks visiting the South and they wrote things like “NASCAR sucks” on their car and they were almost beaten up at a gas station by a bunch of white farm workers…weird…

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I’m starting to wonder if I shouldve even posted this topic since it’s full of nothing but bashing a sport with a fanbase rivaled only by the NFL.

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Um, let’s see, a bunch of overpaid hotshots driving around in a frikken circle in twenty identical million dollar cars (well identical engine wise, they all have different stickers from their sponsors), in front of thousands of ‘fans’ in order that they might see some dumbass hit a wall and go out in a big ball of flame. NASCAR is an organized train wreck in waiting.

NASCAR is stupid, mostly because it adds to all this global warming everyone whines about, maybe not the fuel they burn, which is mostly alcohol, but what about all the gasoline the fans burn getting to the events? I’m sure that gives you a carbon footprint to make Sasquatch have issues.

Let’s see them race on bicycles, instead of relying on internal combustion engines. Bunch of pussies in fancy cars.

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@Fred931 don’t even get me started on the NFL.

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Dan, that show is called Top Gear, and it is definitely one of the greatest tv shows ever. It’s on BBCAmerica every night, and if you don’t have that, seasons 10–12 are available on iTunes. I think season 12 ep. 6 is free.

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You know NASCAR really isn’t that great if I wanted to see cars going in circles for 5 hours I would just make a video loop of a car doing it one time and if I wanted to see a car crash I would go to a dangerous traffic light. If you ask me, I also think it’s a waste of gas.

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Yeah, Top Gear, that’s it alright. My parents love that show.

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the amount of negative blasphemy is appalling.

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I worded for a company that promoted races. They have several tracks around the country and make no mistake, racing is big business. You may see hicks in the stands, but there is a lot of business done at races and a lot of very educated – “non” hick types, in the suites.

NASCAR, itself – (the Frances) has evolved over the years and if you don’t see the progression of the sport, you’re missing something big. I’m personally not a huge fan, but I can appreciate how far it’s come.

Oh, if you doubt how hard the sport is, try doing it yourself. The drivers are (most of them) in top shape and have to be, it’s a sport of endurance. They aren’t driving cars that are like what we drive and the turns – the gravity at work, is pretty hard to maintain at those speeds. I used to laugh and joke about it, until I got behind the wheel and tried it myself at a team building experience. I’m in shape…I got my ass kicked.

If I watch it, it’s to watch the pit crew. They have things down to the second and a second can cost you the race. There’s a lot of science behind what they do…that part, to me, is pretty damn cool.

While you see the obnoxious drunk people…what you don’t see are the suits in the suites, conducting a lot of business, the celebrities and the money.

You just might be surprised if you really saw it all at work.

Again, not a huge fan, myself…but I learned a lot while I worked where I worked.

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I wonder how long it’ll take Ivan to find this thread and call us names and say how NASCAR is the most followed “sport” in the U.S.

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They only turn left.

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Just because a lot of people like it, doesn’t make it good.

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@dan, It just is. Get over it. It’s awesome.

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I used to like auto racing much more but got tired of watching my favorites die (Aryton Senna, F1 and Dale Earnhardt Sr, NASCAR, in particular, but there are several more). I’d much rather be a spectator at a small half mile dirt track watching sprint and midget cars than super speedways or road courses where you can only really see one turn well. Incidentally, I used to be an action racing photographer, more as a hobby, but I did get paid occasionally and have had photos published in programs, magazines and a couple of books.

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Ty for saving the discussion, cak.

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There are far more interesting sports out there then racing. I mean, real sports, the ones where people actually get physical and have to be in great shape to be able to hang. Stuff like this is just some kind of weird entertainment for those who find it amusing. I would consider dirt bike riding more of a sport than racing cars in circles.

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uh…oops! worded=worked….it’s very late or very early, depends on your view on things! Sorry for the typos. :)

@Fred931 – I know it gets bashed, but if you like it – no big. Enjoy it! :)

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Oh, sorry, you excluded my only answer

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NASCAR- Non Athletic Sport Centering Around Rednecks!

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i want them to turn right…

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The audience (I have nothing in common with any who find it entertaining) and the fact that the tickets that they keep sending me are non-transferable, I can’t even give them away – at least not to anyone without a press pass. I don’t mind some of the pit girls though and I love car rallies.

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I dislike the entire sport.

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@Kiev749 that would be interesting, and then everybody would crash

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It seems very wasteful to me. Tires, air pollutants, time going around and around, fuel, space, car parts never to be used again. I will admit that I don’t know much about it, but that’s my initial thought on the subject.

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I never got car racing of any kind. Hour after hour of cars going around in circles-Sheesh, whats the point? I can’t imagine waiting for an accident.

I used to like to follow the horses over a season, but I was watching when Ruffian broke her leg and could never watch a race again.

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@bob_ I’ll spare you.

That episode of Top Gear was great.

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I found the video links for yesterday’s race, they are the Race Rewind, the full breakdown of the race clipped directly from the live FOX broadcast; the Final Laps, which displays the intense 30-or-so last laps of the race; and the Sights And Sounds, which is more of a race /w/ music compilation that the whole website community finds excellent. Pardon the ads at the beginning.

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Aw, man, they modded my “I dislike the fact that it sucks” response.

Oh well.

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@bob_ probably because it was the first comment, and the guidelines only allow ‘real’ comments first

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@YARNLADY Yeah… I’d say it sucks for real, though.

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I dislike that its taking over the Speed Channel. Devote a seperate channel to ASSCAR and leave Speed for real motorsport.

‘Dale who?’ – Michael Shumacher when asked for a response to Earnhardt’s death.

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They found a way to make 200 MPH boring.

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