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What do/would you write in your note book?

Asked by tehrani625 (405points) May 31st, 2009

I have a note book, I write/doodle in it whenever I feel like it. I sometimes just start writing and eventually I have a few pagers that outline my thoughts and feelings for about the past week. So my question to you is, What do you write in your note book? Or, How do you use your note book?

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I write how I feel. What I want with my life. My dreams and wishes. Plans for the future. Short stories I randomly come up with. Poems to the ones I love, and the ones I hate. I write about how I wish things could have been, but how they really turned out. I draw out my future, I write letters to myself. I use it as my secret getaway, as my vice and my starting point.

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to tell you the truth, i have never used a notebook. i tried to a few times but they somehow ended up lost, stolen, eatin (by my dog as a chew toy). what i like to do though is carry around a b=pen, just a pen, and lets say im a starbucks or anyplace with paper towels is i grab a towel and i draw on that

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My journal (a well-worn blank page book) has simple things – like lists about my days to long poetry. I doodle in it, as well. Generally – it’s just free thought, where I try to capture my day or week.

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I don’t really write down stuff in a notebook that much; I have a notebook that I use to write down notes about dreams, but I summarize the dreams later on the computer (using MS Word). I also use MS Word to write down certain memories and ideas for my stories that I write.

As for doodling, I do that on the backs of papers I receive in school and sometimes in my math notebook. Usually things like maps and occasionally, just weird designs.

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Odd timing for this question… I just flipped through mine after not writing in it for a long time. I’ve had the same one for about 4 years (it’s big) and I realized I only write when I’m upset about something, usually a guy. It annoyed me that if anyone ever read it I’d come across like a very depressed, boy crazy 13 year old. So I decided to start writing about other stuff too…

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Literally, I write notes. The only time I use a notebook is when I am interviewing someone or listening to a lecture and taking notes. I am not a professional writer, though. No, not by any means. I am an architect. So, occasionally, if I am on the go, traveling, away from the desk or what have you, I use the notebook to keep track of code issues, pricing, legalese or other crazy mumbo-jumbo (and, especially numbers, digits, figures, quotable things) that I would never remember. Sometimes, if it comes to me while a notebook is in my hand, I will write lists or sketch in it. Funny thing is, often that is the only time notebook worthy things come to me: when I am floating away from work, my mind starts emptying. I used to keep one by the phone for taking notes during conversations when I was in an office. I freelance more or less now and am maybe lacking in that sense of discipline now. I usually prefer to scribble on whatever and, if necessary, consolidate it all into digital notes and toss all the paper I can so there is no clutter. Things I have to keep, I throw into binders.

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I always have a small notebook on my desk, and one in my car (no, I don’t write while driving). Mostly, I use them for lists or important information that I’ll need later. Reminders to do things, etc. But I also write down ideas. About anything and everything. Stories, businesses, product ‘inventions’, home designs, interior decorating… millions of ideas, but no will power to actually do any of them. < Story of my life. :(

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Monthly budget
Shopping lists
Names of lovers
Short stories
1–5 &10yr plans

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@augustlan- I’m glad you aren’t multi-tasking while driving…at least not writing while driving. One of my best friends rear-ended her husband’s car – at a light, while writing something down. She she swears it had nothing to do with no paying attention. I love her to death…she’s interesting.

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Fluther is my notebook.

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I’m trying to write the story of my life, so whenever something I see or hear reminds me of something that happened to me, I write it down.

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I have a sketchbook and when something happens I draw it with captions or just doodle it especially with how I’m feeling, but I have to hide my sketchbook sometimes so people won’t find it, it also holds my secrets I wouldn’t want anyone to know

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“note to self: remember what magazines I read”

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Notebook 1: Record dog training activity (weather, time of day, distance from victim, terrain, etc).

Notebook 2: Geocaching coordinates, success of finds, etc.

Notebook 3: Notes to self on disorganization

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I stopped carrying a notebook when I got my first BlackBerry. With the BlackBerry I make a note of anything of interest – either for further research, or to tell someone else if I find it interesting or entertaining.

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Mostly guitar tablature & parts for songs I’ve written.

Other than that, things I want to remember for a later date.

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I write out what I need to do for the week, or just that day. I plan out my homework so I can get it completed before the due date. I also use the same notebook for school.

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i wrote everything. from age 14 on, for about 30 years. i stopped after i grew tired of ppl sneaking peeks (one person even xeroxed my praise of him when we were a couple, to show my friend. he wanted to date her. (?!) she told me.) this plus a theft where my writings were taken inadvertently just made me…stop writing. just this winter i set up a couple of blogs, but since my grown kids and friends are on the net a lol, i’m a little hesitant to write about personal things. tho i’ve been told more than once that i should do exactly that, probably because i’ve led a dramatic (and sometimes hilarious) life.

but as i said, i used to write everything: emotions, reactions, instructions, descriptions, tasks, drawings, son lyrics, inventions, phone numbers, dreams, schedules, iou’s, wishlists, and so on. i miss my stuff!

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@iquanyin Don’t you just hate when you lose your personal stuff like that? I had a personal blog on Yahoo 360 for an entire year, set at private, so only selected people could view it, when it was wrongfully reported as a violation of the TOS by a disgruntled user and vanished from my access forever.

I appealed and appealed, and even sent copies of the threatening e-mail the disgruntled user had sent me, but I never got it back.

Luckily I had backed up the pictures, but all the daily content was gone forever.

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I wish I still kept my ‘notebooks.’ I had acquired so many.
I had in them lyrics to amazing songs, poetry, what was going on that day that I wanted to remember, things about my family I didn’t want to forget (good and bad), funny things my little sister did that I wanted to remind her of when she got older, tips on how your children feel when you scold them and what and what not to do, crazy random ideas and stories. I also stapled love notes from little sister, brochures from places I’ve traveled, pictures, and envelopes with things in them I wanted to keep. It was the ultimate journal.
The things in them became too much to bear and I pretty much wanted to forget and start over so one day, I read through them, ripped out what I wanted to keep and threw away the rest.
I want to start it again, but some things you just can’t keep to yourself anymore, you know. Too accessible.

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messy rants, lists (of what? of everything.), ‘poetic’ nonsense, plans, etc.

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