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Are you are in love right now? How does it feel? Is it like other times or more powerful this time?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 1st, 2009 from iPhone

….Im not answering my own question this time…..

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It feels really weird. Noone could possibly understand it. It’s embarassing. I better keep it to myself.

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Is it the first time? If you want to answer that :)

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I’m more in love with my husband now than I was 18 years ago when we first started dating. It’s an awesome feeling being able to share a life with someone that stands by your side.

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@jonsblond – Awwwwwww lucky

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I am totally in love with my husband. This is my second husband, and it’s as if we were made for each other. :)

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It feels perfect. Like it’s supposed to feel. Like it’s never felt before. More beautiful, passionate and pure.

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Well I’m gonna go ahead and answer my own question but I’m not gonna say everything. Well my first love I wouldn’t say I loved him we just had things in common so it fell and I moved on

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@Tink1113 I’m not saying it’s easy, but when you learn to get past the bullshit it’s a wonderful experience.

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It’s not my first love, it’s my 354th love. My first love (and the next 352 loves) went South.

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@psyla – Haha
Lurve for that one!!

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I’ve been madly in love with the same guy for 20 years. He is more endearing now than ever. He’s my best friend and the other half of my heart.

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For me this is different than any love I’ve known before.
We are comfortable with each other on every level and are now engaged and making plans for a wedding this summer. Every day we become more and more convinced that we have been looking for each other all this time.

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He knows my family is insane, and will probably take a long time to accept him, but he didn’t run away like all the others. He’s stood by my side in the face of seemingly unsurmountable obstacles. While how romantic I feel at any given moment can change, even in our worst moments, there is an unbreakable feeling of love between us.

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I am hopefully in love for the first time in my life. I thought I knew what love was until I met my other half. Now I know what love is. I love him more every single day and I am looking forward to being 18 or 20 years out like @jonsblond and @Judi and being able to say I am more in love than ever with the most incredible man on the planet.

I was married to the same man for 21 years. I thought it was love, but it was actually settling because looking for true love is overwhelming and scary and feels impossible. Moving on from that was the smartest move I ever made.

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I am in love, deeply and passionately
like @augustlan this is my second husband but my actual true love

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It does get harder and more addictive every time round. Bullzeye Tink1113.

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I realized, this weekend, that each day, I fall in love more and more with my husband. I’m lucky. He’s my best friend, he’s my husband and he is my compass. With all the independence that I want, I still feel so much more complete with him. I used to fight that need, but my God, I can’t imagine my life without him. The world would just be a darker place.

Tink, I hope when you get older, you find the love that some of us have found. It’s not always perfect and it takes work, but it’s so real.

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Awww thanks

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