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Name some blogs that are worth reading?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12557points) June 1st, 2009

I love being up-to-date on…stuff. Plus I have a little time to spare right now. What blogs do you recommend?

(To answer my own question: I love It inspired this question.)

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I have found a lot of easy to understand economic information on this blog

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I love Cake Wrecks :)

One of my favorites is this craft blog, Oh Fransson. I love watching her make progress on her project as well as the tutorials and help she offers others.

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You need to specify what type of blogs:
E.g: Humor blogs, Techy Blogs, Family Blogs, Political Blogs, ...etc.

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I tend to stay away from blogs daily. Instead, I check for more socially aggregated sources that suggest all kinds of sources. is probably my goto site. I really do love lately.

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I love Cake Wrecks, too! :D

Some other favorites:
Stonekettle Station (Which will be moving soon.)
Mental Floss
Futility Closet
Dark Style
Crummy Church Signs
Pundit Kitchen
Totally Looks Like

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I have to agree with @archaeopteryx. Tell me specifics and I can flood you with favorites. I have hundreds of em on I get tech tips all the time from If I want a laugh I can usually count on the family of sites at

What else?

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Sorry @archaeopteryx and @bonus, but I’m really not looking for anything in particular, just looking to find new and interesting stuff, and seeing what other people are reading.

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Definitely look at the social aggregated sites like and then.

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let’s see.
the unicorn diaries makes me think the world is beautiful (though i don’t think she updates anymore, it’s still worth checking out)
awkward family photos makes me laugh
perez hilton makes me feel like the world sucks (the unicorn diaries is often the remedy after i get caught up on perez’s site…) but it does make me laugh sometimes

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