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What is art?

Asked by askeroo (10points) December 26th, 2007

How do you define art? Is everything art? What isn’t art?

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the best definition of art i’ve ever heard is this:

“good art is that which is superior to a description of itself.”

i can try to describe the paintings of chuck close or the singing of ella fitzgerald, but no matter what i say, you’ll prefer actually seeing the paintings and hearing the songs for yourself.

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Art is the result of human creativity…

the rest is all subjective

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I tried to use that answer with my 6th grade art teacher 14 years ago. I still got bad marks on my projects.

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You are either born with the ability to see art in everything or you are a learned commercial art appreciater. Either way, art is all what you make it to be. That is the beauty in it.

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Duchamp gave us a urinal as his piece for an art exibit. Maurizio Cattelan gave us a life size replica of an elephant wearing a bed sheet with the legs showing and openings for the eyes. Picasso gave us deconstructed figures. Ron Mueck gives us hyper realistic sculptures. Twyla Tharp gives us the common man and woman’s street body language as formal dance… and so many more artists have given us their interpreatation of life or fragments of it. so, in the end you may be better served by asking yourself, ‘What isn’t art?’.

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I like the broadest interpretation that might include the activities of a 3-year-old.
Best I’ve found is:
“Making meaningful marks.”
What is good art? An entirely different question
I also like this on folk art:
“Art is that which wells up from the hearts and hand of the people.”

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To me, Art is an above average creative thought, transmitted in to any form, that another being may acknowledge it’s presence.

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@vanguardian : I’d have to agree. Anything a human creates or designs is art, so what the individual considers art is whatever that individual chooses to consider art.
Therefore, my answer is: Art, like life, is what you make it to be.

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Art is what lifts the soul without the use of drugs.

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Art is anything created for or with the purpose of being observed (here referring to any of the five senses).

If I design/create a can opener with only it’s function in mind, it is not art. But as soon as I design/create a can opener that considers its impression on any of the five senses, I am then creating art.

All music is art, because it is all meant to be experienced. Many devices aren’t meant to provide experience, only to cause a desired effect.

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