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I downloaded a file and can't find it anywhere. I looked in downloads, and temps and still can't find it. I've run searches. What happened?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 1st, 2009

How can I find it? Is there any way to find everything downloaded today? Using Vista 64 bit.

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Maybe its a virus.

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Faulty download, it might have aborted.

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typically, your PC is set to save in the default location. “My Documents” is common.

another general tool to have handy is a desktop search. like google desktop search, or windows desktop search or copernic. any time you misplace a file that will help you find it quicker.

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@spresto I have Norton running.

@DarkScribe, “download” window opened and all looked OK.

@marcosthecuban, I did a search of my entire hard drive.

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could be that Norton or zone alarm (if you have it) has blocked the download- it’s not necessarily malware, tho. but i don’t have VIsta (i’m one of those ‘hang on to xp til windows 7 comes out” people). sorry to just be guessing.

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If it was blocked wouldn’t Norton or Zone tell me?

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@SirBailey sometimes it does, but the most frustrating events are when software firewalls block stuff and doesn’t inform you. happens all the time to me.

one megatrend from software companies is to help protect us from ourselves. thanks very much:(

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Stupid ME! Actually, It wasn’t blocked. It was a video and I watched it. Duh! Never to be seen again!

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I can’t find it to rewatch it. Are some videos “one view only”?

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If you download a streaming video (more accurately, you’ve downloaded the location of the stream and the stream sends bits of the video over), those are often one time viewing only, and no file is saved so you can’t easily watch it again unless you have the stream URL. Perhaps this was the case with you.

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Must be, because I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

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