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Did our ancestors lose their hair over their body much in the same way men these days lose hair on their heads ?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) June 1st, 2009

Just to clarify: Not over millions of year but in they’re life, when they got older did they start to lose their hair over most of their body?

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No, they tore it out in frustration when marriage became the norm and they met the first mother-in-law.

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What makes you ask that? Why do you think that would happen to men in the past but not nowadays?

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@DarkScribe that’s terrible, i love it, lol

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If you are talking about modern world history ie the last few millenia, definitely. Julius Caesar and Tiberius etc are always portrayes in statues as balding and for older women there were wigs.

If you are talking about paleolthic folk, probably not, since their average life expectancy was about 32. The probably died with enough hair to keep their heads from getting sunburned.

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The reason men loose their hair is because of a “genetic disease”, that makes certain hair allergic to testosterone and they finally stay in the sleep state of the hair cells cycle. As it is not a problem in an evolutionary sense, these genes stay in the mix.

We did not loose our fur because of testosterone, as few females have high levels of it. Either it had an evolutionary advantage or it just didn’t matter, like being white or black. Since all of humanity is without fur it is not a “genetic disease”, but one of the attributes we have as being human. It seems though that there are advantages of having hair in some places of the body, suggesting that there were an advantage of losing the rest.

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I did think about they’re average life expectancy, I wasn’t too sure how long they lived for on average so i decided to ask, cheers.

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I can’t speak for my ancestors but as far as the men in my family are concerned (grandfather, father, brothers), we have a predisposition for ‘male pattern baldness’ and most of us have been afflicted with it.

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