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Is it better to be with someone you can live with or someone you cant live with out?

Asked by Catalina_Lovely (8points) June 1st, 2009

I just want to hear some opinions on a question I have asked my self time and time again. I am a Hopeless Romantic and dream of falling in love with “Mr. Right” but is it ok to settle if you find someone you care about and get along with?

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i fear being in a situation where i find someone i cant live without.
thats an unhealthy amount of emotional dependency.

so yeah, better to live with someone you can live with, in my opinion.

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@jackfright is right. You can’t depend that much on someone. They might realize that and slowly take advantage of you; due to the fact that they know you won’t do anything about it. So you better be safe then sorry and find someone you can get along with.

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Why not both?

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If you care about someone, and get along with them, then that is all that matters! Don’t try to find some fairytale version of Mr/Mrs. Right, all that matters is that you love and care about who you are with. That’s the key to happiness.

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What? Are you crazy? Love is being with someone you can’t be without. What are you talking about? To settle with someone good enough?

Stay romantic. Romance and real deep love you can’t live without is real.

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Never settle for less than you deserve.

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The answer is 42.

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Never settle. But also don’t paint some fairytale in your mind, because it’s both more wonderful than you could ever imagine, and more difficult than you ever thought.

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Hey were all just monkeys its okay. Theres no reason to worry about your feelings. They are illogical and meaningless.

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The one you can live without
I ask myself “If you can’t be with the one you love, will you stay with the one who loves you ?”

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Romance is overrated. You can fall in love with someone who you are matched with by your parents and have never met before you married.
“Can’t live without” usually doesn’t last all that long, and when the “live with” problems start, it’s more frustrating because it can feel like “can’t live without” was a lie. Of course, some couples do go on from “can’t live without” to have a wonderful marriage. Although, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what people say online. A lot of people say, publicly, that they have wonderful marriages, but they have told me in private that it isn’t true.

Any relationship takes work and communication. If the one you can’t live without is unwilling to work, the relationship will get to “can’t live with.”

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I am deeply suspicious of people who say they can’t live without each other. The world working the way it does, one of you will be the first to leave, no matter what. Even if the relationship is blissful until the day one of you dies, that day will come. And if you truly can’t live without each other, what then?

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I have heard people who were together a long time pass after one already passed within a short time

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I am Mr. Right but I am already taken by Ms. Right and hopefully soon to be Mrs. Right and then have the Right kids with the Right car in the Right garage of the Right house. :0)

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@DragonFace So you are saying that you are all right?

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I think its better to love someone you can live with.

When people come and go out of people lives they get over and move on. As harsh as this sounds when someone close to you passes on after time you get over it. Everyone moves on whether they like to admit it or no.

i would reather be in love with soemone i can live with so that way we an stand each other without driving each other into a brick wall. :]

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