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What is America's biggest asset?

Asked by mattbrowne (31588points) June 1st, 2009

Here are a few examples which might qualify as an important asset: largest economy in the world, elite universities, US military, human imagination, the willingness to try new things.

What is your view? What would you consider to be the biggest asset?

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Our ego? That’s pretty big.

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Ex President Bush – oh, no – sorry, I didn’t see the “et” on the end.

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technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit

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Constant influx of people from the rest of the world so our country will never become culturally secular or stangnant, new ideas and experiences will find outlets here expressed in businesses and from students in our schools.

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It’s people are it’s biggest asset.

Unfortunately it’s people are also it’s biggest drawback.

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The people are the foundation of any democracy. Americas tendency to support war and business over education has led to a horrifying ignorance, and our democracy is tainted as a result.

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I would say a combination of what @mattbrowne said and what @hungryhungryhortence said.

Interesting that we have the best colleges and college students in the world, yet our K-12 schools rank really low.

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The land itself. Contained in this great nation are climates ranging the extremes of the spectrum, rich soil, countless species of plants and animals, abundant natural resources, and topography of what should maybe have been dozens of countries. That’s what I picture when I hear “Bless the USA.” It is such a vast natural wonderland.

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[I], the [person] of the United States don’t like America. ooops did i say that out loud?

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Our greatest asset is our people… unless you actually are talking about paying them a living wage, in which case screw ‘em and move elsewhere.

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@benjaminlevi – Paying consumers or borrowing consumers?

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Americans are very good at being consumers. See:
I hear we are also very good at borrowing to buy all of this stuff.

However, my impression of the Japanese is that they easily beat us in consuming.

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it’s people! and this is in whisper but I dont know how to do it so australian….

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