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How do I describe the difference between these two fabrics?

Asked by Jeruba (47764points) June 1st, 2009

I have some very comfy short cotton nightgowns whose basic fabric feels pretty much like a T-shirt. After years of use they are wearing out. When I have tried to buy more by ordering online, it keeps turning out that the fabric (which sounds the same by description) is mushy like a baby’s sleeper, and I do not like it. What is the difference in how they are made? What do I have to know to avoid those soft-soft-soft cottons and get the slightly firmer T-shirt fabric? (If it’s a matter of woven vs. knit, I confess I can’t tell the difference.)

I have looked in many stores (where I can touch the fabric for myself), and all I can find that way is the super-soft mushy stuff.

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Cotton Jersey is what I’ve always equated with t-shirt material. If you’re able to sew for yourself, have you considered buying the t-shirt material sheets and using that fabric for your needs? Stores like Big Lots, Ross, Marshall’s, etc. put them on clearance often.

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Thanks, @hhh. I have thought of it but haven’t been able to sew for years. Sewing is mostly pinning. Pin for two hours, stitch for 1 minute, pull pins out, pin some more. I lost that ability with the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. Even after surgery in both hands they just don’t have the staying power for fine-motor activities that they used to.

What would you call the baby-soft material I keep finding? It’s almost like cotton candy. Even if I were a baby I would hate it.

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@Jeruba: Baby clothes are usually fine gauge terry cloth or lightweight super fine gauge jersey. Their little towels feel nice for face wash cloths but roll up into your hand like wet paper. Finding comfortable sleep clothes is crazy, most of the cotton jumpers, shorty gowns are a blend of poly/cotton. Sometimes you can’t beat a 6-pack of men’s cotton undershirts for comfort.

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